View Full Version : 1993 Thunderbird Supercoupe Red on Black Leather 5spd - Syracuse NY $1200

12-03-2015, 02:16 PM
I bought the car last year as a project that I haven't had time to finish. My loss is your gain! I'm willing to deliver it locally if it's gone before the real snow hits. Otherwise I'm putting it back in the shop for the winter.


The good:
The motor just had a refresh. Head gaskets were done in the fall, and I have receipts for all of the parts. Belts, tensioners, all of the gaskets on the top half of the motor were all replaced. Heads were checked and decked locally and new head bolts were installed. The car has been sitting but it starts up first crank! I've got receipts for all the parts purchased.

I've also got a TON of extra parts for this thing including door panels, transmission, intake manifold etc. I'll include all this with the purchase. I've also got an extra full Supercharger for it.

The bad:

First and foremost since doing the headgaskets the block lost a soft plug on the side and the system does not hold coolant. This will need to be addressed. It has not been driven since the head gaskets were done, only in and out of the shop.

The car has been sitting, and it needs some love. Most pressingly it needs a brake line. Other than that the body could use some work, but there is only some light surface rust on the doors.

The deal:
$1200 Cash. Firm. I've got too many projects right now and I don't have time for this one, so I'm letting it go for far less than it's worth and less than I have into it at this point.

The car is not in mint shape, it's not running and driving currently, and it's not for someone looking for a good family car. It is a project and is well worth what I'm asking and more to a loving home. The sale is completely as is, as far as I'm concerned the price is worth it just for the shell.

Email me or reply, dm.marafino@gmail.com

02-03-2016, 11:54 AM
I haven't had much luck with the sale on this, would anyone be interested in parts if I were to part it out?

02-03-2016, 08:53 PM
Yes I would.

I would be interested in the spindles for sure.
Top cowl if its not cracked.
Shift knob.

I have to figure out if some other stuff is compatible with a 91, like the hood.

Better pics of the hood and trim pieces front and rear bumper covers and interior would be great.

I could pick up any parts but you'd have to be a night owl and willing to meet off the highway near 481 or off 81 south of syracuse. I go out to tully, ny quite often but am usually tooling thru late night or early morning.

02-05-2016, 03:08 PM
If you decide to part this out your best bet would be to move to the parts for sale forum as this thread will get lost and forgotten.

02-05-2016, 03:55 PM
That price makes your car an attractive project.

Freeze plugs, from what I understand, can be installed very easily (under an hour)?

If you could make the car driveable, I think it'd really open up your ability to sell it.

Even I've been considering it, but, living in South Florida, I'd need to at least be able to drive it to Virginia to get it to the Amtrak Car Train.. then another ~300 miles south to my house from where the Amtrak lets off in South Florida

09-13-2016, 09:00 AM
is this car still avalible?