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03-06-2016, 08:00 PM
I've owned this car for almost ten years, and its been an ongoing project the whole time. I absolutely adore the car, and have spent countless hours working on it. This would be the ideal car to put a serious 351 stroker or 302 build in. The body has absolutely NO RUST ANYWHERE. It was titled in Texas most of its life, I have garage kept/weekend fair weather driven it only for over a decade. Its stunning to look at, I get compliments all the time. Rust free MN12s are rare in the midwest...

I bought the car from someone on SCCOA who was the second owner, gutted the car, reupholstered the entire interior, repainted it, swapped in the 5.0, and proceeded to let the car sit in his garage unfinished for years. I bought it, and have been at it ever since.
The seats are unlike any other TBIRD I have ever owned, no cracks in the dash. Power seats work great.

Front end was rebuilt completely, minus strut rod bushings, about 8 years ago. I have AN ENTIRE SET OF OEM MOTORCRAFT BUSHINGS, not easy to come by these days. Car sports Eibach lowering springs and Tokico struts.

Power steering pump was replaced with a NON EVO pump before I got it.

The rear end was rebuilt with a master FRPP rebuild kit, FRPP TrakLoc clutches, and 3.27 pinion gears. The rear also has poly mounts, excluding the rear diff mount. The M5R2 has solid crossmember bushings and a solid trans mount. Clutch and flywheel from an F150 were used during 5.0 swap. Has less than 15k miles since. Also has B&M shifter.

I have an entire set of Energy Suspension bushings, upper and lower inner arm bushings, and toe compensators to rebuild the rest of the rear end with.

Brakes have been converted to power brakes. Replaced all calipers with factory rebuilds. Rotors are drilled and slotted from R1 concepts.

The engine was pulled from another MN12 donor car, was mildly rebuilt and transferred to this car. Has stock E7 heads with Trickflow springs, 1.7 roller rockers, a 95 Cobra intake, FRPP E-cam, 24# 4 hole injectors w/matching MAF, 190lph pump, 75mm throttle body, CAI, BBK underdrive pulleys, A/C and smog deletes, MAC shorty headers(MN12 specific), SCP hiflow cats into Flowmaster catback(no resonator), MSD ignition, and a 94 T4MO ECM controls it all. Has an electric cooling fan and controller. Never had the car tuned or dynoed.

The stock SC rims are in great shape, tires have seen better days and many burnouts, need replaced. I can't remember if I ever got it realigned after I dropped it, but planned on doing it after the rear and strut rod bushings get done.

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154127494_HDR.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154127494_HDR.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154143694_HDR.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154143694_HDR.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154200247_HDR.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154200247_HDR.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154215760_HDR.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154215760_HDR.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154232892_HDR.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154232892_HDR.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154022936_HDR.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154022936_HDR.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154033113_HDR.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154033113_HDR.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154402761.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154402761.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154307289_HDR.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154307289_HDR.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154321269.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154321269.jpg.html)

http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad87/svtfiend/st/IMG_20160306_154335019.jpg (http://s924.photobucket.com/user/svtfiend/media/st/IMG_20160306_154335019.jpg.html)

With all that being said, the car is not perfect. It runs and drives fine, but heres what it needs to be problem free.

Engine issues:
When I changed the oil before putting it away this winter, I noticed a leak in the lower right corner of the radiator. Just today I noticed a small amount of coolant below the water neck, so that sucks, too.

The front AND rear main seals have small leaks. I know this is typical on high mileage cars, but the engine has less than 15k miles on it since the guy I bought it from went through it. I assure you, the engine runs great and the car sounds fantastic... it just leaks a bit.

Its not an actual issue, but this thing needs a better set of heads. It would really wake up the engine. E7s are just horrible.
Interior issues:
Driver side window needs the gear replaced, motor works, window doesn't move. Only other issue I can think of with the interior is the fuse for the lights blows intermittently.
Suspension issues:
As stated before, I have everything to replace all bushings and toe compensators in the rear. I also have a set of factory strut rod bushings. They are cracking, but not falling apart. Tires are also worn out. Will need alignment after suspension work and tires.

I'm getting less and less time and money to make this car into the vision that I've had in my head for over a decade and wanted to give someone who had ambitions for an awesome pushrod MN12 build the chance to buy an extremely clean example of our cars that has more positives than negatives, and NO RUST. I'll continue working on it once Spring arrives and keep it forever if its meant to be, but for the right price... It could be yours.

Car is located in Baraboo, WI 53913. I will not lose my butt on this car, and would love to get around $3500 for it, but am open to any offer. I think its unique enough, and clean enough despite its issues to get close to that. I'm open to offers, and comments. Thanks for looking. Also open to trades, let me know what you have.

03-06-2016, 08:52 PM
awesome car man, if it wasnt leaking like ss valdez id be something rite up my alley..
good luck with ur sale..

03-09-2016, 03:07 PM
Pretty interested im a few hours South can I get a number to message you at? Thanka

03-10-2016, 06:29 PM
Sure, you can text me at 608-477-0580 for more info


03-10-2016, 06:37 PM
The front and rear mains are not that bad, but I felt the need to mention it. A new radiator, a set of tires, put on all the bushings that come with the car... done, off to car shows.

Frankly, the radiator busting a seam has me outraged. I was not expecting that. It will get replaced if I have it much longer, so I can drive it.

Seriously guys, this thing is worth more than I have it listed for in parts, but I can't stomach parting it out. It would kill me, I'd rather keep it. The body and interior are in such good shape its ridiculous.

03-10-2016, 10:00 PM
Pretty interested im a few hours South can I get a number to message you at? Thanka

twistedimage-send me another text, I accidentally deleted our conversation. This weekend might not work out.

03-12-2016, 10:46 AM
i would be willing to trade you my built sc which is gonna be done by the end of this weekend, all id ask is you get the 5.0 able for me to drive it back home to te U.P...As long as everything is solid and all thats really fked up are the seals its a car id be interested in and could have fun building since 5.0 parts are so cheap...hit me up asap and lets talk..

03-12-2016, 12:16 PM
Are the emblems on the dash glued, i.e. can they be taken off without damaging the dash?

03-12-2016, 06:57 PM
I can tell by your garage you're a die hard Ford man. Good goin.

Also your SC is mint, and very unique with that five0 power plant; it's a steal at 3500.

Go Bears.

03-13-2016, 01:35 PM
man i love this car....its like it was made for me..it has EVERYTHING i want in a car..i just wish i had the cash to buy it..
all i can do is pray he would be interested in my modded supercoupe, it was my daughters baptism this morning boy would she be happy if daddy told her were getting another thunderbird, but one with BLACK seats like she and i love..
lol,she said tell him ille give him my mustang too if he trades you cars daddy..lol,her pride and joy boss 302 powerwheel.

03-13-2016, 10:11 PM
The car was sold today to Phil Dalke. As hard as it was to let it go, I spent several hours drinking beer and chatting with Phil tonight, and I feel it went to a great new home. Honestly, I put this car up for sale thinking I would get low ball offers and end up just keeping it. I've been proven wrong. Phil is a great guy, and I couldnt have sold a member of my family to anyone better.

03-14-2016, 12:08 AM
Awesome! It definitely went to the best of homes :)

03-14-2016, 11:20 AM
Congrats on the sale.

Auto Doug
03-20-2016, 12:06 AM
The car was sold today to Phil Dalke. As hard as it was to let it go, I spent several hours drinking beer and chatting with Phil tonight, and I feel it went to a great new home. Honestly, I put this car up for sale thinking I would get low ball offers and end up just keeping it. I've been proven wrong. Phil is a great guy, and I couldnt have sold a member of my family to anyone better.
Yes that looked like a great SC is this Phil Dalke related to Dave Dalke? I'm starting to look for a good clean SC to build another SWB unit keep me posted if you come across a good solid one in the next yr of so. Doug in Nebraska Auto kraft body & paint inc. 402 474 2344 65160