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04-23-2016, 12:59 AM
My new to me 95 needs a few things looked after. It needed new belts, the rad was flushed with new coolant and the brakes serviced and adjusted. Another thing it needs a electronic lock repair. I lucked into a new NOS in the box keypad . I can replace the old one or use parts from the new one and repair the old one. The question I have is it plug and play to replace the old one? I assume the master code is stored in the computer and the keypad is just an entry unit.

My other question concerns engine cooling issues. My main fan does not want to come on by itself. It works fine with ac or panel on so the secondary circuit and fan work. I have read all the posts about cutting wires and various jury rigs but I don't want to do that. I also lucked into a new NOS temp sensor and a good used IRCM. I hope one or both will solve the fan issue. I assume the high speed fan works but not tested yet. I must say the main fan works really well when it is running.

I was told the main fan in the 95 is single speed rarely supported by the little pusher fan. I also am concerned at how hot the engine is when the computer decides to turn the fan on. I know that they run for many thousands of miles that way but it bothers me as I think that is one component of the head gasket issue. I am thinking why even bother with the IRCM and just bypass it with a top notch fan controller which I already have and set the fan to come on at lot lower temp. I read that many of you have done that. Any suggestions about that process. How about connection points?

How is the high speed fan controlled? Does it also get signals from the IRCM? Seems to me it makes sense that that fan comes on whenever the AC comes on. I would think the AC can use the extra boost of that fan. Can that fan be wired to the AC circuit so that it does?

Thanks for the help

fast Ed
04-28-2016, 03:07 PM
You may get some more traffic and responses to the questions if you try posting in the general tech forum as well.