View Full Version : 92 SC 5-speed for sale, blown head gasket

05-15-2016, 11:42 PM
Listed on Ebay.


Original owner, white w/ blue cloth seats. About 160K miles (odometer quit at 152K in 2010.) Carefully adult driven, mostly highway miles, always garaged at home. Most maintenance done by me, complete records. Tires less than 3 years old, fewer than 3K miles, Pirellli Cinturato P7's. Excellent wheels, never had a bead leak. Symptoms: sudden miss, white smoke under hard acceleration. Found coolant low, about a quart of coolant in the oil. Drained all coolant, replaced oil and filter and ran engine briefly (under 30 seconds) a few times to recirculate fresh oil. Then drained oil again, replaced oil and filter and repeated process. I need the garage space for a new car on order and rather than repair it myself have decided to sell the SC as is. Located Bloomington, Indiana. Ebay has photos and some additional information. Listed a starting bid of $1000, but obviously hope to get more. Located Bloomington, Indiana.

05-19-2016, 01:48 PM
When and how did the damage occur to the rear quarter? Reason it wasn't fixed?

1 post makes it pretty hard to sell items on here. Just a FYI.