View Full Version : WTB or trade my 06 GT for 1992-1995 Thunderbird SC, auto...

06-12-2016, 03:48 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have been out of the SC game for more than a few years now, and am looking to get back into it. Due to problems with my lower back, and have reached the point where I no longer should be driving my beloved 2006 Legend Lime Mustang GT 5-speed. This is the reason why I am looking for a nice automatic 92-95 SC. I have had several of 89-93 SC's in the past and know how well they ride and run, and those are the older models.

I would like one that is as close to stock as possible, with few problems, particularly with the engine / transmission. Beyond the fact that the 94-95 SC's have more HP than the 89-93 versions, I think they also have the 4R70w auto trans, which from what I have been told, is a better trans than the AOD which is what the 89-93 SC's had.

I live in Rock Hill, SC, which is just south of Charlotte, North Carolina.

I would also entertain a possible trade with my 06 GT, but it would have to involve some cash coming my way on the trade, unless the SC is in excellent condition with mods.

If you are interested at all, PM me or text / Call me 803-415-0014. My name is Phil, and again, I am located in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

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