View Full Version : 4r70w no od

07-03-2016, 07:50 PM
Recently installed pa trans-brake vb and od worked fine first few times I run the car. Parked the car and next time went to drive it there was no od. Keep in mind this is full manual vb so Ive went through some steps already to trouble shoot. First off the trans shifts fine manually from 1-2 2-3 up and back and l/u works fine as well. Checked fluid and it is fine, dropped pan and tested shift solenoids and they click when 12v is supplied, dropped vb and inspected valves and retainer clips all is well there. No burs on the od valve pin and the o ring was in great shape. Fluid was clean. Thought it was a short in the connector that plugs into the shift solenoids so had pa send me another one. It's definatlly getting 12v to the shift noids when I tested the plug.

Any ideas what it could be? Other than that I guess my next step is dropping the vb again, installing stock and test it to rule out the pa vb.

07-03-2016, 09:31 PM
When I had issues with my trans from Silver Fox, he had me open it up and check for debris in the VB. Now mine is a AOD and not manaul VB. My problem was a bad seal.