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07-15-2016, 05:11 PM
EDIT: car sold!

The time may have finally come to part with my beloved SC. I've had this car for 22 of its 27 years, but I have less time these days to put in the work to keep a car like this running and in good shape. I recently blew the head gasket (probably) and I'm just not going to have the time or space to fix it. It would be a shame to let a car like this just sit when there are still SC enthusiasts out there so I'm posting this to the SC/TB boards in the hope that somebody can use her. The car has always been driven spiritedly (ahem) but never raced or abused - it was my DD for many years and has been my weekend car for the past 10.

I'm in Lansdowne, PA, just west of Philadelphia. Pics below. PM me on the board if interested.

1990 Thunderbird SC, red, black interior
5 speed
146 K miles
bought used at around 33K miles, owned since 1995
RECONSTRUCTED TITLE - car was "totaled" in an accident, which required nothing more than a half-shaft, a new wheel, and some sheet metal work and paint on the right rear quarter panel to fix - but the insurance company gave me money so technically it was a total

Mods/recent repairs:
'93 SC spindles with '93 brakes (I also have 2-piston PBRs which I recently took off)
Vogtland springs with .75" drop, replacement Tokico shocks with ARC
brand-new front brake calipers, rotors, pads (replaced barely a week ago)
air restrictor delete
Addco 1-1/8 rear sway bar
new tie rod ends, front stabilizer bar end links, and front upper control arms
new aluminum radiator from Spinningwheels-SC
various replaced/upgraded bushings, mounts, etc. (engine, transmission crossmember, suspension)
replaced ABS accumulator
new ignition switch
55W fog lights
headlights are relay-switched (no more constantly replacing headlight switch)
A/C retrofitted to R-134a

various extra parts:
driver side door from a '91, red, includes keyless entry module (door only, no interior trim panel or window glass)
front bumper fascia from a '91, red
pair of stock wheels with Bridgestone snow tires (less than 1000 miles on them)
stainless steel brake hose kit
Mustang GT 2-piston PBR calipers, painted yellow (recently removed)
set of front frame bushings (LCA to strut rod and tension strut to frame)
extra pair of good front brake rotors, dimpled and slotted
stock air restrictor
various "donor" parts like window motors, climate control units (for the bulbs), etc.
various original parts that I replaced while they were still good (DIS module, coil pack)
stock JBL radio & CD player (radio works, CD doesn't - Paul Protos refurbished these twice and could probably do so again)
interior right rear quarter panel trim, black
wheel well covers/guards (the plastic parts)
other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting

I'd love if it became somebody's project car or weekend car, or at least an "organ donor" to keep somebody else's baby running. Because of the head gasket and the title (see below) I'm not expecting much money - I'm open to any reasonable offer.

07-27-2016, 04:14 PM