View Full Version : 93 SC 5 speed 95K miles in Northern California $4000 obo

08-27-2016, 11:16 AM
As the Title says its a 5 speed car, I got it from a friend who was the second owner and a ford mechanic at the local dealer ( so anything repaired has been with motor craft parts) I would say the Car is a 7.5-8/10 inside and out, everything is in clean order. I only bought it to help him out of a predicament where he got stiffed by a guy that bought another car from him and only paid half and ran. The car has a new oem clutch he installed which was the last one in the US. He kept this thing in really good shape considering the age. The original owner garage kept it all of its life till he passed away at which time his son would drive it once in awhile till my friend found it. It does have a under drive pulley and a aftermarket aluminum radiator. he also put in a cup holder where the amplifier control for the radio went, but it does come with the vehicle. I'm not keeping it because my wife doesn't like loading our kids car seat in and out of a 2 door. I've tried to load pictures but its just not working out for me. The only things that are wrong with it that I know of are the passenger side window switch but it still operates from the drivers control. A couple small holes in the leather that were covered with tape to keep them from spreading ( which I haven't messed with at all ), and the driver door panel is loose in the center. I'm asking $4000 obo, I will consider some trades with cash also, mostly I just want to move on to Fixing my 84 Svo mustang and I'm in the dog house till I get rid of this car.

Call or txt me for Pictures or info thanks