View Full Version : 1990 35 anniversary Sc for sale

09-20-2016, 01:42 AM
I'm selling my long time toy much to my dismay. I'm posting it here before listing it anywhere else because I know you guys appreciate these cars. I'm the second owner and have loved this car since I got it. I still drive it every couple weeks to keep the dust off. But my family has gotten bigger as well as the bills. I can't stand the thought of it wasting away because I can't put the time into it I always have. Anyway. It's a 90 Sc anniversary auto. Long block replaced 20 thousand ago. Trans rebuilt 50 thousand ago. 2 inch lowering springs, ram air hood, 2000 watt custom stereo, 4 12 inch subs 2 amps etc. Custom 3 inch exhaust cat back. Lots of extra parts too. Needs a paint job. It's fading. Had it repainted once. Interior is fair. No rust at all. All performance parts from supercoupe performance. I'd like to get 5000 for it. Have put way more into it in the past few years. But it's gotta go. But only to someone who really knows what they got. I'm open to offers. Runs , drives, and handles great. Wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. Take it out whenever I get the urge and usually put a couple hundred miles on it each time. You can text me at 540 656 7503. Been trying to put pics on here. But haven't had any luck. If anyone's interested I can send them from my phone to you. Just send me a text. And the cars in va. Outside of Richmond