View Full Version : 95 sc 31000km

10-07-2016, 12:42 AM
Hey guys , was planning on buying a 95 t bird SC , 5 speed from a collector, it's got 31000 org km, I,m in Ontario Canada, found it in Toronto, got him down to $8000, also comes with a set of 18" rims and Dunlop tires, it's like new....
Picking it up Tuesday, is that a good price??? I hope so, I got him down from $10000.

I was wounding about those fluid filled engine mounts....if I should swap them out.....

My last t bird was my 88 turbo coupe, loved that car. I always wanted one of these, 95 sc, 5 speed. So her goes, getting one a little late in the game....but I could not say no to the condition of this car...Will post pis shortly

10-07-2016, 01:21 AM
If its worth it to you then YES, its a good deal. If I had the money and wanted a car that nice/new then I'd go for it. As for the motor mounts, yes I'd replace them. The mounts are cheap and aren't that hard to do once you get the car off the ground, put it on jack stands and then use your jack to lower the engine/suspension cradle to remove and replace them.