View Full Version : CEL comes on after 5min driving, 02 sensor fault code

11-08-2016, 06:33 PM
My check engine light comes on after driving for SEVERAL minutes and then stays on.
Goes off with a restart then comes back in a few minutes.

Reading codes shows - I think I recall - 92 (this is a 90' so it is a two digit) , effectively it is saying Hego (drivers side) not switching....

As owner before me - new 02 did not resolve the problem.

Anyone seen this, I have not yet delved into it but my initial thought is that the heater is not being powered maybe.
Can't remember if the 02 sensor heaters are fused or not.

I will be getting diagrams out to check my wire colors for it and check through the engine harness connectors, but I just thought I would post here in the meantime for any suggestions from anyone else who's been through this before.....


sam jones
11-08-2016, 10:05 PM
Good evening

Which side? Bank 1 or bank 2. I would check the following:

- Fuel pressure. Fuel filter.

- Vacuum leaks especially the PCV components (PCV to valve cover, intake tube at 6 o'clock position and or the "Y" metal tube at the back of the inlet plenum).

- Exhaust manifold and or gasket leak, EGR (if equipped) tube and or bellows for cracking.

- MAF sensor. Cleaning and or replacement.

- Spark plug(s) and wire(s).

- Coolant leak.

Good Luck.