View Full Version : modded 94 tbird lx , $2500 ONLY or trade....open to lots of trades vehicle wise.

11-24-2016, 02:26 PM
I have a 1994 Thunderbird LX 4.6 then I'm looking to trade for a 96 to 98 Mark8 lsc , black or cherry matalic red color. I prefer it not to have the air shocks. A 96+ mustang gt Or i really want a 32v swapped bird or cougar any year. The bodies and underbody must be clean and car can't have any mechanical issues.
My car is champaigne in color with peanut butter leather and has 94 black supercoupe bumpers and black xeon sideskirts. Also had 17in oz rims. The body and underbody are very clean and only has a few spots of clearcoat peel. The rear spoiler is also black and has a black bra and pinstripes.
The engine has a 98 aluminum crossover intake,98 style fuel rail,24lb fuel injectors, 80mm mafs, 3in black aaluminum cai, 75mm plenum and throttlebody , full flowmaster exhaust from cats back 2.5in I think with angled out 3in pipes on rear, its a great system and one of the best vie heard on a mn12 , previous owner said it has a jmod valve body but I can't confirm it but it shifts exelent and it currently has an unknown chip on the ecu but I will include a superchips eliminator chip for so you can tune it perfectly.
The interior is in good condition with only 2 little splits on drives seat. The brakes,suspension rear end and engine are all crisp. Its a gem of a 94 !
Its still in the shop and should be finished in a week, its getting a vacuum leak taken care of and a full tune up. It also has all new windows minus the rear one thanks to some vandals .
Car is in upper Michigan and I can meet with in 100 miles in any direction or ur welcome to come here .
I don't want to sell it as I have an arm and leg into it and want see a 1/4 of it back.
I will try and gets pics up soon,once its home i will have them up. Pm me or respond to this add..
I had the car 8 months and got it with a few of the mods and I drove it like 100 miles only before I began doing the engine then the windows got smashed, Lol I have yet to even register it but once someone shows interest I will put it in my name and insure it so it can be signed over and driven home safe and legally.

11-28-2016, 07:41 PM
I also have a vfn 3in cowl hood with the underside and will have 97 header panel and headlights too , if the rite trade comes along I will include them.
My car just got in the shop after my wife let them have it for procrastinating on it,lol.

12-15-2016, 03:46 AM
Trying to add pics

12-16-2016, 10:04 PM
Heres the hood i have yet to install..
i will trade heads up for a 97 cougar sport, metalic red or black, any other color depends on mods..or as listed above.
Mine is registered and up and running perfect..i will try to post a vid...it does yave 190k miles but ud never guess by looking at it..

12-19-2016, 12:23 AM
Car was running great and has great throttle response,i have not been able to get on it hard as the roads are bad until late spring. I found though they didnt fix a broken bolt so its back in the shop getting done correctly..other than it sound like a beast..
Trades i want now are.
5speed 95 tbird
96to98 mark8 lsc
96plus mustang gt
Awd eclipse with big turbo upgrade
32v swapped mn12
5.4 swapped thundebody
97 cougar sport with atleast an exhaust system.
Really really nice 99plus jeep grand cherokee laredo sport 4.7
Trade must run and drive anywhere and have a clean body.

12-22-2016, 12:24 AM
Got it all fixed and runs like a dream,has some power too...
I will be cleaning up the split wires harness and coating all the wires in that plastic wire protecting tube.i will also be routing the intake filter into the front bumper and installing its cover plate.
I did a synthetic 5w20 oil change and added zmax and water weter to the coolant. I also just put in bosch quad tip iradium spark plugs..
So shes ready for a new home, the vfn goes with the car depending on the deal,thats why its not on yet..hit me up and lets make a deal.
........now has hood on and engine wires all cleaned up.

03-26-2017, 11:44 PM
I will take 2500$ only, I also suave a pi manifold and all needed to install it. It will come with the car if not yet installed, just waiting for some warmer days.
I mainly still looking for a 5spd 94-95 sc, mark 8 lsc, mustang 4.6, camri or furebird 5.7 or a 32v swapped mn12.
Feel free to text if you need to, (906) 379-9241
I can send specific pics or a video.
I also have 1600watt amp and 2x 12in subs in the trunk now, only 1 month old...the system sounds amazing with no stupid obnoxious trunk rattle.

04-07-2017, 11:48 PM
I have done a lot of Maintenance posted about the car I also have a complete Pi intake manifold with everything to install it I sold the amp and subwoofers out of it I also have a new SCT flip chip with a custom tune on it for the car that's installed and the car is running great I'd be willing to drive his car across the United States with nothing other than gas please get ahold of me as I'd like to get into something new, well new to me.
Heres a video highlighting the flaws and a good walk around.

04-11-2017, 11:41 PM
Well guys I traded the bird for a kind of car I thought I would hate, but fell in love 1st min of test drive.
I got a 04 impala as Indy edition . I've already started researching them and performance parts and cheap and plenty . my 1st mod comes all together and is a stage 2 upgrade from zzp. The car as is with just an intake smokes my bird off the line and im shur would win in a 1/4 mike run. Buuut from a roll or top end, the bird would have it.
After the stage 2 and exhaust I will be replacing 2 front fenders as they have rust and below the gas cap..
Im just amazed how responsive this car is it even handles great. Definitely doesn't feel like a sedan when your driving it.
I will miss the the fact that the bird was unique and got lots of compliments. There's a bagillion of these impalas out there, you have to give mine a second look to know its the ss and a third to know its an Indy edition.
I do want another mn12 but when the time comes I will not settle anymore.iT will have to be a 32v swap , boosted 4.6 or a 5spd pi. Until then im going to see what I can make my impala do.