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12-04-2016, 12:35 PM
I realize that this topic has been on here countless times but most older posts I found were from 10+ years ago. I am new to the SC.

From those, it appears that the stock air box is okay but use an aftermarket filter such as K&N, and go easy on the oil.

I could not locate any aftermarket products other than no-name stuff on Ebay.

I would be interested in hearing what DID work and DID NOT work from those who use an aftermarket setup. Thanks!

12-04-2016, 01:18 PM
I don't think there is much new, in fact, some of the related hardware seems off the market now.

I ran a K&N in the stock air box until it started showing it's age, then bought a Spectre 6" cone filter from Autozone, and a cold air divider (sides, no top...seals to underside of hood; engine side heat shielded) kit (I don't see any new right now). I kept the stock rubber intake hose back to the throttle body & didn't bother removing the stock air snorkel/water baffle inside the fender. Opening that area up allowed me to also add dual vapor traps on the fender, inside that box. Going on 3+ years now, no issues, just clean & re-oil the filter as needed.

12-04-2016, 02:14 PM
Easily made with 3in black PVC pipe, the curves that the pipes male fit like a glove. Then it actually mates a75mm tbody.
All you need is brass vacuumline Insert forth the rite size for the vacuum hose...you just drill propper size hole and the screwitin.its brass it will go into plastic,it makes its own threads..20. Bucks and an hour of time for the best possible intake.and best part is its plastic so there is no heating up aka heat soak..trust me,it was on my sc ,was so easy and turned out perfect.

12-04-2016, 02:17 PM
As far as a ready to bolt on CAI most people on this site went with a Magnum Powers cold air intake. The 2 other popular brand/styles were MAC cold air intake and ZR Motorsports cold air intake, I've had all 3. The MAC and ZR put the filter in the fenderwell and the Magnum Powers leaves it in the engine bay, they also produced a divider to help keep the heat away from the filter. A lot of people like me have fabbed up their own style of cold air intake, you can see mine on my garage page. All 3 of the brands I listed are no longer produced as far as I know but they always pop up for sale used on this forum every so often. Attached are pics of the Magnum Powers, MAC and ZR cold air intakes.

08-14-2018, 04:48 AM
I was also looking into what has worked well or if anything new was on the market... Like mentioned before those 10 year old links donít work anymore and the typical Mac, Zr ect ones arenít listed anywhere expect randomly used... Iíve seem these ones listed on eBay. Any good?


https://m.ebay.com/itm/BLUE-1990-1995-FORD-THUNDERBIRD-3-8-3-8L-SUPERCHARGED-V6-AIR-INTAKE-KIT/180729680233?fits=Make%3AFord%7CModel%3AThunderbir d&hash=item2a14541169:g:sTMAAOSwDN1UMNNX


https://m.ebay.com/itm/RED-1990-1995-FORD-THUNDERBIRD-3-8-3-8L-V6-SC-SUPER-COUPE-AIR-INTAKE-KIT/261190717520?fits=Make%3AFord%7CModel%3AThunderbir d&hash=item3cd02e1050:g:NeQAAMXQgb1RT9dF:sc:UPSGroun d!94043!US!-1&_trkparms=gclientid%3Dqx5os58jOABDOTScIzXHUU0ztPH7 Rxakc5caZ1gTEn4__V4XHOoOWx3PiDzwGwgt&_trksid=p2489528.m4335.l8656

08-14-2018, 09:03 AM
I have an old MP I started to modify for mine, but stopped. I can take some pics tonight if anyone is interested. All that happened was I started to grind out to make the hole bigger going down into the fender, but stopped as modification was done to the fender itself and the divider was no longer needed.