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01-28-2017, 01:35 PM
Hello guys and gals. I just purchased a 89 SC last Saturday. I drove it less then 15 miles and a rod bearing spun. I have the engine pulled and need advice. I want to build a strong engine but also want it to be a driver. What have some of you done? Is headers worth the buck? Can higher compression pistons be used? Thanks in advance. Just a side note I am a master certified automotive tech.

01-28-2017, 02:06 PM
Welcome to the group fellow North Carolinian! Sounds like you bought a car that had blown head gaskets. There is a lot of information on here to dig into to help you along the way (a lot of junk too, but you have to filter that out). Before you talk of headers and such, you should figure out your budget and goals to make sure they match. What is strong? stock, 250whp, 350whp, 450whp, etc... what is a driver? around town, cross country, etc...

Unless you got tons of money to throw at this thing, id start looking at a stock rebuild. These cars are fun to drive stock. Some basics that I would do (since you got the motor out already) are to get the block and heads surfaced for use some MLS head gaskets and spring for some ARP head studs. Plenty of info on the forum about these items.

One thing to know about modifying the engines on these cars is the need for tuning to keep them alive. Everyone wants to make big power, but unless you know how to tell the computer what you have changed, its going to be an expensive and frustrating journey.

Also remember that it is a 28 year old car at this point. Its probably going to take some work to keep it road worthy. Lots of wear items may need replacing at this point.

Good Luck,

01-28-2017, 09:56 PM
I seen your car on YouTube. Im very impressed. I owned this same car (except cloth interior) but lost it in a divorce back in the early 2000s. So I do now how a factory SC runs.

I have owned many fast cars. I would like to have a little better then current F body's and Mustang but still drive like one. I left you a message on your youtube.
Money is not the most important but Im also not rolling around in 100 dollar bills in my bed :) I will be doing the mechanical part my self. I could really use a ecm programmer.

I just want the car to be a drive daily if I want but make impressions at the track if I want to go. My experience is v8 Camaro's not super charged. How dose your car do? Are you able to get in it and make 4 hour trip to beach if you want? Will you tell what kind of money you have in yours?

There has been many improvements to my car and is certainly road worthy less engine. I am in a position to fix any thing that breaks after build.
Im also doing lots of research and not going in blind.

Thanks again Derek and I look forward to chatting further. My email is gbautotech76@gmail.com

01-29-2017, 07:55 AM
Thanks for the compliments. I did not see any recent comments on my Youtube channel, unless you meant you commented a while back. My cousin does as many videos as I do about my car, so you may have left him a comment on his channel.

As far as road worthiness, I drove my car 7-8 hours to the SC shootout back in 2015. It made it there no problem, however on the way home, the IRCM messed up and the car started to overheat about 10 miles from home in 5:00 traffic. I let the car cool off and after a few love taps on the IRCM, it seemed fine and the fan started working again. After breaking the inner stub of the axle off at the shootout, I decided I would be trailering it from now on... but that has more to do with drag racing than road worthiness. I think every car modified car is different when it comes to road worthiness. Recently mine had a weird problem that i thought was a bad ecu harness, but i think it was a loose ground wire that i found while troubleshooting the problem. I connected that back, and its been fine since. Now I am battling what seems like a weird, minor clutch problem, but i'll get that figured out too. I would not drive mine 2 hours to the beach now, but after i get these little issues sorted out and I regain confidence again, I would feel fine driving it that far. But I also really know my car, because i work on it all the time as a hobby, and I cant really think of anything that has not been replaced.

At the track, mine has gone 13.08 at 97 or something like that, but i was on the brakes... it was running 106.5mph most of that day. If I was a better driver, I think the car should go 12.5ish. Im not sure what you mean by make impressions at the track. 16.0 makes an impression too!

As far as cost, If you have seen my videos, then you know most of the big ticket items that went into my build. stroker kit, heads, cam, rockers... thats probably close to 4k in parts right there. plus all the other machine work and replaced parts. Then I used an MPX kit, so that was another 3k. Then there is fuel injectors, fuel pump, MAF, almost another 1k. then there is the tuning, I wasted 1k there until i decided to go ahead with the Quarterhorse and Binary Editor which is the only way to go IMO, but then you have to learn about doing the tuning. You can easily spend over 10k just on the motor. But the thing is that you dont have to. I bought everything new. There are lots of ways to save cost. From what i remember reading, getting to 300 whp is a lot easier than getting to 350whp. However, Im not an expert, I only know what I have done to may car.

Ill shoot you an email so you can have my address.

01-31-2017, 09:33 AM
Depends on what you want to do with the car. If you want go with a larger supercharger, or even turbo, then look up the 4.2 builds. From there all the supporting hardware will fall into place.

01-31-2017, 09:51 PM
My build was fairly "cheap" as far as SC builds go. I used eagle rods and custom weisco pistons,had a shop put bigger valves/beefier springs and had Dalke spec a cam for me. I think all said and done the engine part was about $4k. It's my daily driver and hangs with non ls1 Camaros and 05-09 V8 Mustangs pretty well with only 12 psi from a gen 2 blower. I would invest in a Griffon radiator and a better intercooler though as these things tend to hate warm days.