View Full Version : Code 211 on my 94. Cars still runs real well though.

02-09-2017, 01:13 AM
So looking up the 211 code, from what I've read most who have this code, their cars run poorly or don't start as this is usually a bad crank sensor correct? Well my car is running pretty damn well. I have no idle or starting issues. Still have good power, gets into boost real well.

I have 2 codes, 164 wich I belive is 02 sensors and this 211. My CEL comes on most of the time I drive, usually as soon as it turns over, or sometimes a few minutes later, and stays usually for the whole drive. Some days when I'm lucky it doesn't come on at all.

Seems from what I've read there are symptoms that come along with this code, of wich I have none. Maybe the cel is from my cats being empty and 211 is possibly an old code the shop found? Could my cam or crank sensor be bad or maybe my harmonic balancer is going? Has anyone had something like this, where should I start?

Side question, if my cats are empty will it give a cel for my 02 sensor? Or is my 02 sensor just bad. Sorry if I'm all over the place here guys. I'd appreciate any input that might help me figure this out quicker than me just replacing a bunch of stuff. Hah. Thanks

02-09-2017, 02:17 AM
Well my car is running pretty damn well

There are a number of sensors that when misbehaving enough are ignored by the computer which substitutes default lookup values. It may seem to run well in those cases, but it could run better.

As for symptoms... Does the upshift light go out when cranking the engine to start? Does it take more than one try to get the engine to fire? Does the tach bounce sometimes while driving?

211 is PIP fail - basically related to the EDIS, I think, but of course that could be also be from a bad ground, low voltage, a snagged harness, shifted/broken balancer, failed sensor, etc. Balancer fail is common enough as these cars age. See if the crank pulley moves if you grab and jerk on it...see if it wobbles while the engine is running. Confirm the large center bolt isn't loose or missing. Don't wait for it to come apart on the road...check it out carefully. Crank sensor may have failed or, if the balancer is loose it could have damaged the sensor.

I don't think the SC has a 164... And you haven't yet seen any O2 sensor codes, so...

It sometimes takes a long hard repeated fail before the computer will decide to trigger a CEL, so take the hint and keep checking. If you think it might be an old code, then clear stored codes and see if it comes back.

At this point, I'd focus on the balancer and crank sensor. If that's all well, then check grounds and harness health. Next consider replacing the EDIS, perhaps, but I think you'll find your issue before you get that far.

Good luck.

02-09-2017, 04:20 AM
Thanks for the advice and response.

Its an auto and doesn't show any of the symptoms you named.( idk if the shift light would still light up) I'll deff look at the crank pulley in the morning see it wobbles or anything.
Low voltage from the battery could help couse this? Because my battery terminal is not the best on the negative side, I've been meaning to change it soon.

I did have my head gaskets done recently so maybe something got bumbed or who knows. Just baught a 96 lx 3.8 to drive around so the sc will be getting some extra love. Thanks again for the advice.

02-13-2017, 11:36 PM
Just an FYI your O2 sensors are in front of the cats so gutted cats won't trigger any lights.