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pro street rich
05-28-2017, 07:45 PM
well as some of you know I have been working on something to try to get into the 12's or?? I took a 35th and stripped it out of everything and I do mean everything. We have been goofing around with that "AJE" "k' member and it looks like I have gotten some mounts made that look to be right. they don't look like stockers, but they do work.. So then on to the next project, the replacement wiring harness from painless wiring... or should I say pain in the a## wiring... I had been working on this for a while running all the wires out of site and I think I had done a good job with it... Then the fun begins.... I put power to it to see if everything was working..... NOT.. so I started to look at what was going on and double checking all the wiring and all the splice's to make sure they were all good.... BUT still no head lights or tail lights??? So the other day a call was made to pain in the a## and they tell me that I got it from Jegs so I have to deal with Jeg's not them... So I call Jegs and they say look it over and if you need a different one just send it back and they will replace it no charge... So today I get some help and we dive into this thing checking everything over and over... All the splices were correct, all the wires were going to the right places, so what could it be??? So on a hunch, and the fact that it was the only thing left we take the switch box apart and guess what..... THE DAMN THING IS WIRED WRONG... we got tail lights by turning on the acc switch and got the head light low beam to work by turning on the water pump??? So a call and now the whole wiring mess is back in a box and it is ready to send back... Two weeks of goofing around with it and a lot of sore backs from working under the dash only to tear out everything and now to send it back..
The best part is Jegs will replace it BUT they don't have one in stock so here we go again..... another set back... Jegs is doing their part so they get a "that a boy" but painless is on my never buy again from list... Boy is building a car these days fun or what....Rich

XR7 Dave
05-29-2017, 07:36 AM
Painless if you put it in a Chevy perhaps. lol Sorry for your trouble. I've used Ron Francis for my custom wiring jobs in the past, I think they have a bit better product but who knows?

pro street rich
05-29-2017, 10:28 AM
Painless if you put it in a Chevy perhaps. lol Sorry for your trouble. I've used Ron Francis for my custom wiring jobs in the past, I think they have a bit better product but who knows?

The switch box was wired all wrong... The wires are all marked to tell you where they are to go. BUT in this case the wires did not match the switch panel. We followed the wires back to the switch box and found the mixup... Someone must have been out the night before and just put the wires to the wrong switches. When we found that the whole setup got ripped out and it is getting sent back.... just one more set back on this crazy build... Just glad my other car is running so I can still go racing,,....Rich

pro street rich
06-29-2017, 03:36 PM
Well Jegs did step up to the plate and did give me a credit for all the crap from painless. The new wiring harness is in the car and everything looks to be working ..THANK YOU Jegs for helping out when painless would not do anything.. :cool:
Now part two of this mess. I have been working with AJE on this "K" member. I had to make my own engine mounts to get the engine in the car so you could even go forward.. I talked to them on tuesday and their answer to me was" Well now we have some idea as to what to do with the next one" I asked if they would be refunding anything for my efferts and that was a big "NO" :eek::confused:
So if anyone is looking at them you might want to wait for someone else to get going and make these for us... :confused: The front control arms are still wrong but because I am not running "stock" tires and rims there is nothing that will get done there either....:mad::eek: Boy is it fun working with places that just want to take your money and give you "lip service" when things are not right.....Rich