View Full Version : Stock Muffler Replacements?

06-07-2017, 12:01 PM
Greetings all,

I've got what sounds like a loose baffle in my passenger muffler. Took it to my exhaust guy to replace them both... No deal, the passenger muffler is nowhere to be found. What do you suggest to replace the stock mufflers? I don't race the car, I don't want to change the sound/tone of the exhaust.

Scott G.

Rodeo Joe
06-07-2017, 12:41 PM
Dynomax Super Turbos are an almost exact replacement. I little louder than stock, not too bad.


06-07-2017, 01:22 PM
I'm Ok with a little louder, I just don't want that blatty V6 sound. Of course, if I'm not Removing the resonator I should be ok. Thanks!

06-08-2017, 02:59 PM
Frankly, if u r leaving the stock resonator and cats, u shouldn't have any concerns about the "blatty" sound (I know the sound u mean, not easy to describe). I have a '90 XR7 with aftermarket cats (some low lifes tried to cut the originals out of it on the lot I got it from :rolleyes:) and the cat back flowmaster system sold 4 these cars (with a resonator in the same condition u describe ur mufflers, rattles a little til it warms up:cool:). I can hardly tell it's not stock from inside the car. Anything short of straight pipes or "Cherry Bomb" style glasspacks and u should b OK