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black V8
06-08-2017, 12:30 PM
The Thunderbird God is sending me a signal perhaps.
89 Sc with 80,000 kms, no mods other than a ripper. On my way to work all of a sudden hard brake pedal, brake warning lights come on,firm ride light goes out as does arc,vmm dark,signal lights non functioning. Otherwise running normal but I pulled over after a minute. Will get a code reader this wknd. I have 4 mn12s so probably should have one. Any ideas? Realised I have to renew my membership so I can get at more info.
Thanks in advance.

In my haste I forgot to mention on restart everything went back to normal.

06-08-2017, 12:58 PM
See http://www.sccoia.org/articles/anti-lock-braking-system/

Most likely ABS needs a fresh accumulator, but could also come down to relay(s), ABS hydraulic pump motor, ABS pressure switch and/or the multi-wire ignition switch on the side of the steering column (just did that to cure the same symptoms), inside the dash. Tons of existing threads, including one very recent, so be sure to search.

Not sure a code reader is called for in this example, but yes, good to own regardless.

Good luck.


06-08-2017, 12:59 PM
It's very likely your ignition switch needs replaced.

06-08-2017, 02:07 PM
Concur. The switch case expands (metal fatigue) over time until they start making loose contact. Thats when things shut off for no apparent reason.
You can tighten the switch case up with zip ties, bailing wire, etc. or just replace it.

Another hack is to rock the key back/forth slightly when this happens to see if it will clear up long enough for you to get home and work on it.

black V8
06-08-2017, 09:24 PM
Thanks for the replies guys, It's definitely the ignition switch. I'll get a new one and swap it out tomorrow.

Cheers Tom