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07-16-2017, 07:55 PM

It's been three years, car effectively looks the same as this older thread, little more clear coat wear. Headlights were replaced as well as the front bumper with sc stamp. Changed seats to black cloth no rips. Converted to manual brakes and they work great. 94-95 blower, 5% on the blower 10% on the jack shaft. DIC from Kenny Wagner, performance products throttle body, 76 maf I think. Underdrive pullies and bhj balancer, ac delete. 36lb injectors. It has a base tune by Dave with Quarter Horse.

I replaced the motor mounts, timing cover gasket and water pump soon after I bought it, as well as plugs and wires..have lots of spares or questionable quality as well. Rear knuckles and all front components have been replaced inclunding the rubber strut rod bushings. Starts everytime and I have taken a few 600 mile round trips with no incidents. I know it's cliche but I would drive it anywhere.

Areas of concern, it may need u joints soon, I get some clunking occasionally, perhaps steering rack bushings as well.
Tires in a little while, they have about 30k on them and the car just passed 200.

Location in Columbia sc, price 1400.

08-28-2017, 10:33 AM
1000, to the top