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90 red sc
08-22-2017, 01:48 PM
1990 XR 7 codes 41 and 91. Replaced O2 sensors, DIS and cam sensor. Battery was disconnected overnight. After a couple of miles check engine light comes on. Checked codes and this is what I get. Any other ideas? Tach also not acting as before. Also wiring harness off the DIS was replaced.

08-22-2017, 02:53 PM
See this link for code definitions - includes SC-only where applies:http://www.njtacc.com/tech/eec_codes.html

Did you get those before or after those repairs?

What prompted the repairs?

Did you install all new parts? Did you use the dielectric grease that came w/the new DIS on it's lower surface? What brand O2 sensors did you use?

Check to confirm the connectors at the O2 sensors are good and that at the ECT sensor near the oil filler cap/AC is fully plunged.

90 red sc
08-22-2017, 03:03 PM
all the parts are new

90 red sc
08-22-2017, 03:12 PM
You may recall I had an engine bucking issue before and had multiple codes. All parts are new and the DIS was greased. Plugs and wires changed.
Any way to test ECT?

09-26-2017, 10:29 AM
I have a 93 five speed with 78000 miles. Check engine light came on . Hooked up the OBD reader and got two codes. Replace my tps and air sensor. Hooked up the reader and got a different code. Replaced my cam sensor. Got a different code again! I found an SC in San Jose (I live in Merced CA.) and pulled the ECM module and the module that controls the suspension / steering. I replaced the ECM and no more CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. Besides the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT , the cars steering was acting up, the ride control light would flash on and off and the idle would act up. After I replaced the module that was located under the package tray (suspension module) those issues went away also. The car had sat in my ex's garage for quit a few years and maybe this caused both modules to fail. It gets hella hot here in the valley .