View Full Version : I SURRENDER! 1992 Thunderbird SC for sale $1800

Garys SC
08-24-2017, 10:57 PM

I bought a 1992 Thunderbird SC three years ago for $5500 with all intentions of restoring it into a show car. I'm going to let it go for $1800. (new stereo included) ***This will be my lowest price***

Well, life doesn't always go as planned and I learned that I have to have a kidney transplant, and until then have to be on extremely expensive dialysis. I still tried to tinker with it on the weekends, but this weekend was the "straw that broke the camel's back" Trying to replace a cam position sensor, I pulled on the plug that connects to it. It was old & brittle and crumpled into pieces. Not being very mechanically inclined, I realized that I will never truly have time nor the expendable cash to get this sweet car the attention it deserves!

For a SC lover and someone who knows a little about repairing these cars would find this a BARGAIN! (It was a daily driver until I broke this plug) It last ran real strong until apparently the cam position sensor started going bad and at times it would not idle correctly. When it wasn't acting up, it flew like a scalded dog! Here are the specs in case you're interested:

[B]PLEASE NOTE: I've decided to include my brand new Kenwood stereo with Pyle speakers.

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina
1992 Titanium Thunderbird SC, grey interior, automatic

Known problems:
Now a broken plug that plugs into the cam position sensor (I have a cam position sensor brand new & still in the box)
Overdrive does not work
Driver's & passenger's windows both need new actuators.
chipping paint on the right front bumper.
Drivers seat needs reupholstered
Dent on driver's side rear quarter panel (which friends say should pop right out)
Driver's door panel is off, so I could see what was wrong with the actuator (All parts saved)

I have more of the braided hose kit that I will include
Still has strong boost!
I will include the new camshaft position sensor
I will include the Kenwood in-dash stereo and 4 Pyle Speakers (STEREO: Kenwood KDC-355U Car Stereo, MP3/CD Receiver With Pandora Internet Radio - Front USB Port - SiriusXM Ready - Aux Input - Made For iPhone/iPod...... SPEAKERS: Pyle PL683BL 6x8" 720 Watt 3-Way Car Coaxial Audio Speakers Stereo - Blue)
I promise not to cry when you leave my driveway with my "baby" LOL

Otherwise, well worth the asking price for a decent "fixer-upper"


Gary Henry
Charlotte, NC