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11-25-2002, 07:14 AM
Thanks to new found power i've blown open my motor mounts. i read the manual and it says to lift the engine enough to clear the mounts, but my question is: lift the engine where the oil pan ?

11-25-2002, 08:21 AM
Yep..You can just put a block of wood in between the jack and oil pan. Just remove the cowl panel and watch up near the firewall that you don't crush anything as you get too high.

11-25-2002, 08:31 AM
Thanks for the info. So what did you do to your 94SC to get it to hit the 13's ? i also have a 94

11-25-2002, 10:44 AM
Best way I found to get the new mounts in is to pull the acc brackets out of the way . The old mounts come out in two peices so no trouble there.


11-25-2002, 10:51 AM
thanks i'll take note of this

11-27-2002, 02:45 PM
I'm doing mine right now, I hope you have skinny arms :D

I actually have them in already, and the exhasut and all put back on.

I took this opportunity to remove the exhaust manifold and port the collectors...

WORD OF ADVICE!!! if you decide to do the exhaust manifolds, be careful of the replacement gaskets... I got the car put halfway together, and when I started to put in the spark plugs :mad:

The gasket overlapped the spark plug hole, so I had to re-remove the whole damn exhaust again and take em back off the trim the gasket with a dremel.

I lossened the cowling but when i lifted the motor, it didn't even come close to hitting the cowling... but with the exhaust minifolds removed, the motor mounts were no problem at all to get to and pull out after that...

The hard part is getting the mount, itself, off of the upper bracket once you have it out of the car... I didn't have a big vise, so I used a 2x4 and lag-bolted the bracket to it so I could get some leverage to remove that nut.

I also replaced my ground cable, as it is attached to the motor mount bracketry; and of course spark plugs (autolite app2544 if I recall correctly)...would have done the wires, but they looked good to me...

All I have left now is to put the PS pump, the compressor, and the SC tubes back on and I should be rollin...

My mounts weren't all that bad, one was still in one peice, but the other was broken in 2 peices.... I didn't notice the engine raise much at all... looks like I caught it in time!

I bought a creeper too, it was on sale for 13.99 and may have beent he best 13.99 I ever spent


If I can think of anything else that may help, I'll let you know while it's still on my mind!

There are several posts with directions if you do a search, very helpful.

Goo luck!

11-27-2002, 02:48 PM
Hmm so you have to remove the manifolds to get at the mounts ?

11-27-2002, 03:00 PM
Not as far as I know, I said I took the oportunity to port them whilst I was already that deep in the car! There is a "ridge" just inside the collector that is suppose to be really restrictive, so I gave my dremel a workout on that ridge, and even took it down little past the ridge... I would have grinded and polished the ports to, but I was kinda in a hurry, and was affraid they could crack later...

I also toyed with the notion of painting them with a 1200 degree "ceramic" paint form autozone, but I don't know that it would've done anything and I did want to maintain a stock appearance...so i didn't

Oh, I used a "copper adhesive/spray gasket" type stuff to hold the gasket in place whilst putting tem back in.

I edited my other post to explain how I took off the bolt holding the mount to the braket once outta the car, you may want to re-read..

I got a bad habut of editing posts with more info after I forget stuff...:D