View Full Version : hey you guys in WPG!

12-02-2002, 01:04 AM
Hey I just saw there's gonna be an autopac auction with 2 Supercoupes on Wednesday Dec.4 if anyone is interested in buying another one for parts or to actually fix it up. If any of you go out and buy it, and are going to use parts off it, let me know.
Last time I saw an SC at the auction, it needed only a front bumper and passenger quarter panel, had a mint red interior, 5 spd with moonroof and leather everything, 150 kms on it, paint scratch on rear bumper, and it went for $3000, so I think these ones will go for less. I haven't seent he condition of these, one is automatic and one is standard. The standard one has 241 kms on it and the automatic is unknown mileage.
If you want to see the list, goto:

It's alphabetical order. Tell me if you're going to go for it or not! If I had money to buy it right now, I would, but I have already got 5 cars now, so I also have no more room. Good luck on this rare opportunity!
My email is els3573 at hotmail.com