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12-11-2002, 05:27 PM
OK, so I bought a 93 SC in august, first car. I got hosed. imediatly had to replace the pullys and chase short after short, water leaks all over the place, sunroof stoped working etc... I was originaly going to sell it but decided not to cave in to peer pressure and buy an import. Ive done a lot of work to it and although im pretty new to all this i think im getting along pretty well. It runs sound for now but the sunroof really needs to be fixed (the motor wont close it, have to move it with my hand, also the rubber seal around it is comming off). has anyone else had this problem that knows how hard this would hit my wallet at a mechanic and/or if its doable on my own? also, the seats are ripped in the bolsters, is there a way to replace these or will i have to replace the whole seat? if so where can i find SC seats and how hard are they to put in (power seats)?. Thanks to anyone who can help me here, I really appreciate it. you can see the car i bought here (looks better than it is in the pics)

12-11-2002, 09:56 PM
As far as seats/bolsters go, this is a common problem in all the SC's...Had it in my 89 and 95...You can have it redone profesionally or buy a set of seat covers from Coverline (i think they're @ coverline.net..) Hope this helps..