View Full Version : finaly bought a 1990 5speed..

01-01-2003, 12:10 PM
i would just like to congradulate myself on finaly getttin a 1990 supercoupe. ive been looking and working and saving my money for about 4 or 5 months now and i finaly found one. i got it at a good deal too. ($2800)

pictures can be seen cardomain.com/id/mryummm (http://cardomain.com/id/mryummm) although the pictures arent the best quality since i took them as soon as i got the car home.

its got 78k miles on it. seems to run good (only had it for one day) too. only problems is the emergency brake button has popped out and the attenae motor isnt working.

01-01-2003, 04:20 PM
Wow, I am impressed! That is a great looking car, and what a price for the mileage! I really like the interior, and of course, the red is where it's at! :D Congrat's on a great buy. Can't quite tell in the pic, is that a 5 spd or auto? From the burnout, I'm guessing auto. ;)

01-01-2003, 04:28 PM
lol its a5speed. that burnout pic isnt mine. its just a cool pic that i found and i kept it on the page to let everyone know these cars are burnout kings. lol. yea ill have to label that first pic as not being my car.

yea its a5speed.

01-12-2003, 10:32 PM

That car is almost identical to mine. I've got the same interior, same exterior. I've got the auto-dimming headlight option and some other stuff, but otherwise, it's pretty much a dead-ringer. Oh, and mine is a Canadian model, so I don't have those annoying automated seatbelts.

I hope you have as much fun with yours, as I'm having with mine!

Congrats! That was a great find!



01-14-2003, 10:33 AM
yea i agree, the automatic seatbelts take a while to get used to. but they are good because now i know i will NEVER get pulledover because a cop saw me not wearing my seatbelt. :)

sean, if you dont mind me asking. what all have you done to your car in performance mods? i would like to know wher ei should look into for a good start. i used to want to have the fastest SC out there, but now i would just be satisfied with a mid-low 14 second SC with a nice radio since i dont have allot of money to spend.

01-14-2003, 12:47 PM

Here's the link to my SCCoA Member's page:


I've provided my full list of mods, plus my dyno numbers and best quarter mile time so far. If you want to see my timeslip (the 60' time sucked, as traction wasn't good), and/or a copy of the dyno chart, they can be found with the SCCoA's Fastest and Most Powerful lists respectively.

If I can help you with anything else, just let me know.

Best regards,