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glowing escape
01-07-2003, 11:50 PM
hey, i'm looking to buy an sc (or a 5.0).. between 91 and 93 (so i can transfer a lot of stuff from my dying 90 to it.. like cervinis hood..). what are some key things i should look for? my spending range is 3000 max.. i know my 3.8 n/a like the back of my hand, but i dont know the sc's as well, and just need some key info for while checking them out in person. -greg

01-08-2003, 04:38 AM

Like any T-bird of the age look for rust in those rockers. The ground effects hide alot of rust. Also check the bottoms of the doors. Door pin bushing tend to wear out like all other T-Birds.

Head gaskets... like the N/A 3.8 these blow too. Any weird noises, coming for the SC, sometimes the snout seal leaks and the run low on oil and start to become loud. (SC oil from GM it is cheaper than Ford oil) (SAME STUFF TOO) If the SC nose is junk used ones run under $300.00 on ebay often. Motor mounts, they wear out and the filter is a pain to remove, when they get really bad the oil pan cracks, and wear out the PS hoses. Valve covers gaskets leak - usually just need tighten down a little bit 3FTLBS ONLY. Sometimes the valve cover get cracks in them too... so any major oil leak working it way down the engine look here.

AOD tranny suck. OD wear out in them quite often.

The older SC - 92 and back had a prehistoric abs unit, that is prone to some failure. The reman unit is now available (somewhere) I have heard around here that it is under 200.00 but I could be wrong about the price.

All of these things sound expensive, however these cars are not too bad all in all, I love my car, I've had it about 3 weeks now, and only drove it one time (to home). It's a 92, had some engine troubes and tranny troubles, but for under a grand who can complain.

You'll find that the SC is going to be a really step up from an LX. It has a lot of neat gadgets and gismos in the cars too.

Good luck in your search,

glowing escape
01-08-2003, 01:49 PM
yea, i know about the rust problems... i have a set of doors in my garage right in near perfect condition (one of the corners is bent). i know about the hinges, but its wierd the ones on my tbird are still fine after 150,000 miles and 13 years. and yea, i know the sc is a set up for the BASE model... well, the one i went to see about an hour ago was sold 2 weeks ago :( . i know about motor mounts... i had one replaced and one just went bad about 3 months ago on my bird.. so i have a solid rubber and nothing. i know about the hg problem, but i'm capable of the fix (except the milling of heads). and i know when i get a sc or 5.0, im putting on new plugs, new wires, new filters all around, flush every thing (cooling, oil, trans...), tune up, etc. then i start with the modding.. right after that its a 5% pulley (if sc) and exhaust. i also have about 2500 bucks worth of stuff to transfer over and sell after i get it. but i just need some bird. a bird that runs. heh. -greg

01-23-2003, 04:15 AM
I hope your still looking for a sc not a 5.0. The sc is asuperb car. Unfortunatly I have to sell mine. Its a 1990 w/ 74,000 miles and a AOD tranny. I don't want to sell it but im in the USMC and might be leaving real soon and don't want to see it sit and dry out the seals. It is almost completly stock except for an Alpine cd player and Magnaflow exhaust. I did have a problem with my OD back in feb 02 but paid about 2700$ to have it completly rebuilt. Not sure what I want for it but willing to nego. I'd like to get somewheres in the 4,000$ range to even remotely get a little bit back out of it. Hope your interested:)