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01-23-2003, 06:12 PM
I have a '93 bird LX with 5.0HO has OD on the floor shift

At 78,800 miles the tranny ate it's lunch won't reverse or nuetral and generally make some sickening noise even in park.

I admit I am ignorant, this is the first tranny (on a car) that has ever failed me. Up until now I have never had to deal with a transmission shop. I bought me a new truck so I have time to do this right.

Is there somebody I can order a good trans from that will actually know which one to send me? would this even be a good idea? Seems everyone I talk to is not sure what trans I have and they want to see the friggen thing or something! Was there multiple trannies that year?

Part of me would really like to fix this car up bitchen and just keep it and the other part says "if you want a nice T Bird, buy one someone else has already gone through!"

Expert advice please~?~?~ I really would not even mind buying a nice aftermarket beefed up high perfomance one and keeping this car if I can be relatively sure I am not going to lose my @$$ in the process!... Has anyone her mail ordered a nice tranny and if so from whom? And what should I expect to pay for an R&R ... is it really too tough to do my self? I am Ex motorcycle mechanic and have a couple rollaways full .. I even have an MC jack that was toted also as a tranny jack when I bought it! would that be an easy tranny to change out in my driveway on jacks? One guy told me that it was super hard cause it has a "TV cable"???? that has to be adjusted?!?!? Now that sounds flat STRANGE!

Is that true?

None of the local transmission shops will just quote me a price .... they all want me to come sign a blank check basically and just tear it all down AND THEN tell me to mortgage my house

I thought this would be a no brainer and it's turned into a night mare! I even considered buying a trans at a junk yard and paying to slip it in and then just off the car in the recycler?!?! I'm afraid that will back fire too ... I'm just paranoid and afraid ok ... misfortune and failure all the hallmark of most of my problems!

Sure would appreciate any encouragement, ideas or information to ger me out of the mental quagmire I have been thrown into.

Thanks in advance. Doug
I know these messages can sit for a long time before someone gets to em so if anyone has a response could you also notify me that you posted E-mail ?

Thanks ever so much for your mercy!

Doug in So Cal

01-23-2003, 06:54 PM
Doug: Contact Consolidated Trans on 866-521-8726 and ask for Branden. You might also look into Hughes, Level 10, Lentech, and Baumann (sp?) for package rebuilt beefed units. You will be looking at approx $2000 for one of these. You might also keep an eye out at EBAY as some rebuilders sell there.(re: Phoenix Transmissions at approx $500)
I'm going through AOD hell myself right now.
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