View Full Version : MidWest Meeting!!! March 23, 2003 @ Schaumburg, IL

02-17-2003, 01:13 AM
Back in 2000 we had a pretty large event in Schaumburg, IL. Due to recent requests I'm gonna help set-up a MidWest TCCoA/SCCoA meet. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend. The Streets of Woodfield in Schaumburg, IL has ample parking and we would be within 2-3 minutes of ANY type of restaurant.

Schaumburg, IL, has easy access to Rt 53, 290, 355, 294 and many other main arteries through the Chicagoland area. Slight adjustments will be considered for another location if requested.

Right now we are planning for the 23rd of March. The meet is scheduled to begin at 12 noon. Plan to meet in the Streets of Woodfield along the East side of the lot. We'll plan on lunch and possibly a cruise around the area. I've attached a link for Gameworks. Please check them out. If you are interested in attending, please post. This is in the planning stages. Your recommendations may help this event!!!

Streets of Woodfield
601 N. Martingale Rd., Schaumburg