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03-02-2003, 06:28 PM
well, my car needs a paintjob and i wanna try painting it myself since i have the garage to do it in and the tools. i know a bit about body work but not too much. its pearl right now and im painting it white. im gonna use acryllic enamel (1 stage paint) it doesnt require a clear coat and is a bit cheaper but still nice.
these are the steps ve been told to follow:
1.) wash and dry car
2.) use heavy duty wax and grease remover
3.) do all bodywork, masking off and wet sanding
4.) use final light duty wax and grease remover
5.) paint and let dry

now is that a good procedure to follow ? some people have said to put 3 coats of paint on and then wet sand it .... should i do that? or just leave it.

the place im getting paint from said i need those 2 cleaners, paint (ppg brand), reducer, and hardener.... do i need all that ?

any tips?

03-02-2003, 07:34 PM
Here's what I did to paint my cougar.
-Do all the needed body work.
-make sure to clean out any dirt, leaves, whatever from wheel wells, under the hood, between body panels, and anywhere it might have collected.
-wipe down with degreaser
-sand the whole car with 320grit paper
-spray the whole car in primer
-wet sand the whole car with 600 grit paper
-wipe down with degreaser again

With regards to the paint, what I would do is have a body shop mix up your paint so that all you need to do is add hardener and shoot the car. You'll only need reducer if you mess something up. The other thing with single stage paint, is first give the car a real light dusting. This will tack up, and make it less likely that you will have any runs in the paint. After that, you should only need one good coat. When you are done, if you are happy with the quality of the finish, then there is no need to wet sand it. If you do choose to wet sand and buff the car though, wait at least a month so that the single stage paint can properly cure. If you try it right away, you will have to paint the car again. The other thing is if you are going to paint it in a garage, before you spray the car, hose down the floor to settle most of the dust. This will make for a nice finish.


03-02-2003, 08:00 PM
i follow everyhtign except the light dusting what do u mean by dusting?

03-03-2003, 12:45 AM
basically just go around the car, but move the gun quickly. The idea is to just to get some paint on the car, but not a full coat. When you are done with the tack coat, it should look kind of cloudy. The idea behind it is by spraying just a thin layer on the car first, it will have tacked up a little bit by the time you get back around to the second coat, and this way you can spray nice and even, and you can overlap your lines a good amount, but you won't get runs in the paint. When you spray a car with base-coat/clear-coat, the base coat provides the color, and the clear coat is what makes it glossy. With single stage paint, you have to overlap your lines to get a nice gloss to the paint. Basically, spray a line of paint. When you come back, have about half of the second line of paint overlapping the first. This will insure a nice even coat, and good gloss to the paint. But if you don't have the first tack coat, you are likely to get runs since there is more paint being sprayed in one shot than when you do a base/clear job. The other thing, when spraying, don't move your wrist. You have to keep the gun at the same angle relative to the car, otherwise you will have more paint hitting the car at the center of the curve and less at the ends, and your finish will not look good. I hope this helps.