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03-04-2003, 11:38 AM
My current problem that I am experiencing is the fact that both of my engine motor mounts are broken completely. These are the factory style OEM mounts (hydraulic, liquid filled). As with a lot of OEM equipment on Ford, these mounts are substandard equipment that do not last. The last time I replaced the engine mounts with OEM replacements from Autozone, they lasted about 3 months before one split and leaked the fluid out, then the other side ripped apart. I donít drive my car hard, I am pretty sure that a lot of it has to do with just exposure to the heat from the engine and the elements and there effects on the rubber used in the mount.

When I replaced the mounts the second time, I found out through this bbs (a few years ago) that on certain year(s) Thunderbirds, they used a solid rubber engine mount on I think was the passenger side of the engine. However, everywhere I go now to locate the solid rubber mounts tell me that they do not exist. Can you help me out here? Does anyone still make a solid rubber mount that will work for my car? Since the driver and passenger side mounts are interchangeable, I only need the part number for the existing solid rubber mount, if it exists.

I appreciate any help of information you can give me. I would go to the local parts store to get the mounts, but it seems that most store employees only know what the computer tells them and cannot or will not cross reference.

I know that MN12 Performance sells the solid rubber mounts for $40.00 each. Back when I bought the solid rubber mounts for my other 89 SC (1998), I got them from Twin "B" Auto Parts (now out of business) in Virginia Beach, VA for about $25.00 each, and I think they were made by Anchor.

Where does MN-12 Performance ge there mounts? Someone else out there still makes them if they can get them.

Any help or advice would be welcome.

I am not saying MN-12 Performance has bad pricing, they are in fact much cheaper than the liquid filled mounts, but if another source exists, I would be glad to know of it.


Phil Stocker

03-04-2003, 11:53 AM
I got mine from MN12 Performance last time as well. I'm not sure where Rich gets his mounts. You could try asking him on the bbs on his site.

The other number and manufacturer of solid mounts was:

Motor mounts (solid) Seaed Power 270-2864 (They have a different part number for the hydraulic mounts, 270-2865.)

But they were priced at $40 each. Might be able to find them cheaper depending on which parts stores you try.

I have about 2 years and 15,000 miles on the MN12 ones with my Coy Miller Stage II motor. I also invested in a modified Mustang torque strap to help keep the driver's side mount from tearing up!

More motor mount info here:


Some torque strap info here: