View Full Version : PRO-M Meters : How Big?

03-07-2003, 03:39 PM
I'm planning on replacing my stock 55mm maf this spring and wanted to go with the Pro-M meter. Looking at www.supercoupeperformance.com I see the 75mm unit for $215 but there is also a new 87mm unit for $239.

I wasn't planning on doing the throttle body yet.

Is the 87mm unit just plain out of my league? Or for the extra few dollars is it not even a question that you go bigger?

I apprecate any comments

David Neibert
03-07-2003, 07:15 PM

It's not that the 87mm is out of your leauge, it just may be a waste and give you some problems with fitment on your air intake system.

I recently installed a ProM 87 mm Bullet on my car and it reqires a 3.5" intake and a cone filter with a 4" opening. It is too large to use with the ZR or MAC intakes and I question if it's even necessary. I gained no HP or TQ with my 87mm MAF VS. the C&L 76mm MAF I had.

I would get the 75mm unless your going to install the 85mm TB and 3.5 intake also.


03-08-2003, 02:40 AM
I guess I can see that now that I have more time to think about it. That much air flow really would require more flow down stream as well to be truely effective. And since I'm not looking at major Intake mods real soon, who knows what better equipment might be available in two years.