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03-02-2002, 03:48 PM
I am listed all of the information about the 2002 MN-12 Nationals here so that everyone can know what is going on.

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2002 MN-12 National Meet will be held on August 30th through September 2nd in Eklhart, IN.
This is the 2nd annual MN-12 Nationals and plan on this meet being at least twice as big as last, hopefully more! With already over 100 people pre-registered and 6 months left to go, I don't think having close to 200 cars there would be a out of range.

2002 MN-12 Nationals Sponsors:
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The TCCoA (http://www.tccoa.com) is the Premire sponsor of this years MN-12 Nationals!

Magnum Powers (http://www.magnumpowers.com) will be the offical sponsor of the drag racing event!

MN-12 Performace (http://www.mn12performance.com) will be the offical sponsor of the Dyno event, as well a the Burnout contest!

More in the works!

2002 MN-12 Nationals Events:
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Drag Strip Info:

Osceola Dragway
Is 8 minutes from the Official Hotel. The track itself is pretty nice, it's IHRA certified. The cost to race will be $20(as of now, possibly lower).

We will have the track available to us all day Saturday. The track will be open to all, but normally they are not open on Saturday, so hopefully not many will know about it. There will be a payout at this event, but amount is not yet decided.

There will also be available track time on Friday 30th from 4pm till dark for Test & Tune. And again on Sunday 1st from 8am-5pm for bracket racing.

The downside of this track is that currently it does NOT have a "scoreboard" to show times/speed. They announce every race time/speed on the PA system, though... and they do have "plans" to put the scoreboard in (no guarantees).

Here is a link to the town: Eklhart, IN (http://www.elkhartindiana.org)

Hotel Info: Hotel (http://www.mn12nationals.com/html/hotel_info.html)

Dyno info: Angel Automotive (http://www.angelautomotive.com)
SIGN UP to be on the DYNO list only 16 slots left! Click Here (http://pub18.ezboard.com/fsccoafrm15.showMessage?topicID=139.topic)

Road Course:Gingerman Raceway (http://www.GingermanRaceway.com)
Price would be between $50 and $100, need to get more details on this, as this course is about an hour north.

Pre-Registeration: 2002 Pre-Registration (http://www.mn12nationals.com/html/pre-registration.html)
Please take the time to pre-register for the 2002 MN-12 Nationals! For those the pre-register the registration fee will be less then those that just show the day of the event.

Also in the plans are a car show to be held at the hotel, a BBQ during the car show, sponsors spotlight, experts panel, a group dinner, raffle(AWESOME items this year!), and maybe more.

I want to give everyone enough time to get home so look for the meet to rap up on Sunday afternoon.

Click the banner below to vist the 2002 MN-12 Nationals Website!

Ms MN12
03-07-2002, 06:45 PM
Hey I have a question-I read about your event on the TCCOA's website-is this event open to anyone or do you have to be a member of the TCCOA or SCCOA? I belong to another cougar club and I know of a few people who would be interested in attending if its open to everyone thanks!

03-25-2002, 07:48 PM
no you dont have to be part of any club to attend.