View Full Version : The Florida Meet Has Been Reschedualed

Brad Klein
09-17-2000, 09:52 PM
Hey everyone i have gotten quite a few emails ask why dont we do it this weekend and thats fine with me so lets do it i know it might be bad for some but im gonna be out for at least a couple weeks due to moving so I say same time 5pm same place BK

also there are a few Ford shows coming up Oct 21-22 is the Ford Power Fest at Moroso in West Palm Beach this is a pretty big show with a car show and drag racing i have never raced there but have heard the track
is slick as for the show I was the only car there in the 76-up class and the year before there were 3 of us me, Justin Haas in his SC, and race car tbird so this class does not have alot of activity so we can all park together

The Mustang Club of West Central Florida is holding their annual Ford show on Nov 12 a portion of the proceeds go to benefit Hospice of Southwest Fla. this is a laid back show and everyone pretty much gets a
trophy so its alot of fun its $18 to enter and registration is is at 8 to 10am. and is held at Desoto Square Mall in Bradenton, Fl

Also if you know these people either let me know their email or let them know I need a updated one
Alex Brinker
Edwin Rivera
Mark Menendez
Mike email started qwadking
Ryan Speaks
Sara Radomski
Troy Arcidiacono

Thank You Brad

10-03-2000, 12:29 AM
Hey Brad...
I read in another thread that you are the one in the know about a new Florida Chapter??? I'm up here in Jacksonville. E-mail me about whats going on...