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04-01-2003, 10:38 PM
I've been debating for some time what to do for rods in the engine I am rebuilding. I am pretty sure I want to go with an aftermarket rod. Here is what I know I need:

5.956" length
2.310" rod journal
0.912" pin diameter

the set of eagle SIR I beam rods I am looking at have the following additional specs:

3/8" ARP rod bolts
available in press pin or bushed

They are for sale for only $319 for 8 at jegs and it seems like a great deal. Are these an optimal fit for our application. I know I will need custom pistons due to the added length of the 351 rod, but aside from that are these rods correct? Do I need press pin or bushed?

When it comes to pistons can anyone give me a link, or a phone number I can call, to get prices on custom forged pistons?


04-01-2003, 11:15 PM
thats a rip off:p(should be low 200US for SIRs in the states), I paid just over 350Cnd for a set a short while ago for another engine, also have a spare stock(351W, ARP bolts) set too for cheap if anyone needs a set.;)

pressed or full floating ends means how the piston wrist pin is retained, always match the rod with the piston. The 351W rods arent a direct bolt on, more machining is still needed.

I dont know the sites off hand but there are pistons available in the proper height for these rods. im sure someone must have them handy

04-02-2003, 01:08 AM
Drop me an email, I can get you some CAT H Beam Super Race Rods with same specs for less than that price. I have them in my build as well as a few others I have sold them to.


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