View Full Version : HELP!! Code 48, misfire after HB install. PlEASE!!

04-03-2003, 04:11 AM
I just got my SC back together after 4 long days of replacing the broken harmonic balancer. I get it all put together, and followed the directions for the camshaft postion sensor install etc.

On the very first startup, she fired up, but was missing badly. It was a very steady miss though. The check engine light was on as well so I figured I would run the codes. The only code was a Code 48, I guess it is a coil pack failure. So, I run down to the 24hr Autozone and buy a new coil pack @ 1230 am. I get home, install it, and the same crap happens. Same code, same problem.

At this point, I am stumped. I know the plugs and wires are new and all in the right location and are without any damage.

Could this problem be my DIS ignition module? I am going to have it tested tomorrow (actually today).

Any ideas? I am just about 100% sure I got the cam position sensor in right, but even if I was off just a slight bit, would it cause this kind of problem?

Thank in advance to all your input


04-03-2003, 04:53 AM
What you should do, probably not the safest though, is while the car is running, start unplugging plug wires. I did this on my "bad Coil" and noticed 2 plugs weren't firing, ran out and bought a new one. The new one didn't make the car any better. So I did the same thing, unpluggin plug wires, one at a time, found out that the 2 same plugs weren't firing. It led me to believe the DIS was bad because it's what sends the signal to the coil. Not really a good way of checking, but really the only one if you don't want the dealership or a mechanic charging a butt load of money to fix it...my .02

hopefully this helps,

In my case it was the DIS that was causing my problems, neither the Ford dealership or anyother mechanic could figure it out. I forgot to put that in my earlier reply.