View Full Version : how do i get the carpet off the rear deck?

04-11-2003, 01:43 AM
i didn't put a whole lotta thought into it, just cause i don't often have much time...but is there any easy way to do this. i see the plastic around the seat belts n rear brake light and part of the roof trim just slides off.....(after a screw or two)

does the carpet just pull up after that?

also cloth interior rear seat doesn't fold down....how does the top part of the back seat come out....i remember takin the bottom part out...just push in and up....but how does the back part of the seat come out?

I kinda just wanna see whats under the carpet.....as well as gotta remove that silly tray under the rear deck and so on.....

04-11-2003, 03:56 AM
There's no point in taking the carpet out. The only thing under it is 2 metal brackets that hold the sub woofer up and 2 crews that hold the tray bracket on. Uncrew the bolts on the floor that hold the seat back in place then push up on the seat back and pull out. Just lift the carpet up and slide a wrench in to undo the bolts you need to remove. The tray has a plastic push/pull on the drivers side, so pull it and then you can pull down on that side of the tray to get to the computers. The tray is brittle plastic so a lazy guy would just break it off and not bother going through the interior. Good luck

04-11-2003, 04:27 AM
well i don't wanna take it completely out, just need to get to the bolts like you said....chances are i will break it...simply cause i don't know what i'm doing and i don't really care....so long as i can relocate those computers......i just don't want any traces of the tray being there kinda thing...dont want like point parts stickin out still ya know....

but hmm sounds pretty easy (how you say it lol)