View Full Version : Dyno Tech Session in NJ!!

04-16-2003, 02:43 PM
Hey gang,

As some of you know I've been working on a throttle body design/modification that has proven itself quite well in my 5.0 and my brother's SC.

I'm going to hold a dyno session sometime in the next 2-4 week (knock on wood before Carlisle), hopefully on a Saturday. MMFF and GM High Tech have been contacted to come and hopefully bring 3 vehicles like The Fridge, Ice Box, their sup'd Focus and/or Hendenburgs 5.0 LX.

If anyone has/knows of a Turbo Regal or LT1 available for prototype testing let me know. If GM High Tech does not bring these vehicles then these cars will be able to run for free if they allow my invention to be tested on them.

As I'm going to be booking the whole day there is some left over time available. If you're interested the price is set for $65 for 45min. There will be six slots available. Once a date is chosen, if you are interested it will be first come first served and advanced non- refundable payment will be required.

I shall let you know what the date is as soon as I get confirmation of MMFF/GMHT's attendance. If they bring less vehicles there will be more time slots available. Post here if you are interested.