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04-18-2003, 04:32 PM
Email Address:dan.flores@branhamcorp.com
User Name: mrdjflores
Vendor/Individual: Individual

You might consider putting the facts of the situation up on the feedback forum, if you think it's warranted:

the police number in louisville ky? i paid $200 for some parts from dan flores, aka mrdjflores, over 2 months ago. after repeated emails, pm's, and phone calls, i get few results. 2 weeks ago he assured me that the parts would ship on friday. well, i still have no parts. he continues to read my pm's to him, as well as my emails. i have given him 2 phone numbers and 3 email addresses of how to contact me, to no avail. i think it's time to press charges on account of internet fraud. if any of you know him, let him know someone will be contacting him shortly. oh, and i could use the phone number. thanks.

no check, paypaled him $100 on 2/3, and then paypaled the other $100 on 2/5. he was quick to receive the cash, but apparently he feels no need to cough up the parts.

You should be able to file a fraud complaint through PayPal.
thought of that. their policy is file a claim before 30 days. too late for that. convienetly got a pm that parts went out wed. night. we'll see.

parts supp went out wed. night. should have been here by now i would think...less than 24 hour drive. hmm.

Sorry if this is confusing, but i cut and paste parts of my thread over in the non-tech forum

05-03-2003, 10:15 AM
I have apologozed to 93LX for the delays.
It has been a very hectic few months.
between a death in the family and getting stuck with traveling for work unexpectedly, and rehiring warehouse/shipping workers...it did take me awhile to get his items shipped out.
while waiting to receive these items, 93LX also purchased a set of 94 T-bird wheels for $100 from me, i shipped them with his other items to save on shipping, and then told him not to worry about sending me the money for the wheels, that it was my way of saying i'm sorry that it took so long.

I have never taken money without following through with the sold items. If something comes up and delays my shipping, i usually with throw in extra parts if they need something else.

my E-Bay account is : Mustangcrazy93
my feedback rating is 35 positive from 30 unique users....0 negatives...0 neutrals.

93LX is a great guy to talk to and do buisness with, and have no negative feelings towards him.


05-04-2003, 10:32 AM
the feelings are mutual dan. i did finally get the parts, and you did give me the wheels at no cost. i appreciate that. no hard feelings on my behalf.

07-29-2003, 03:55 PM
I too have been scamed by Dan Flores. I sent him a $150 money order for some used rear brake parts and he assured me they would go out ASAP and it has been well over 4 months of BS e-mails and now I don't even get replies anymore. I know where he works and I also know where he lives so it's in the hands of the L-ville police now. I did my best to be cool about the whole thing but I guess he can tell it to the judge.


04-25-2004, 01:52 PM
I sent Flores money for a E-brake lever and never recieved the parts, kept sending emails, BAD SELLER...Never sent me my money back either :mad: