View Full Version : SCP 10.8 Brake package....Is it bigger than stock?

Mike Manzo
04-20-2003, 01:45 PM
I was just curious, not knowing what the stock size is, is the 10.8 bigger than the stock size?

I am looking into the dual piston 10.8 brakes (because I want to retain the use of my stock rims for the stupid-azz winter which I will be stuck driving in around here until I pay all my mods off and get a daily driver...

For the bucks, it seems like it will do the job. I dont think I will be needing multiple piston brakes for my daily affairs, but I do like a good responsive brake feeling.

The stock SC brakes are weenie at best. I hope this is an improvement..



04-20-2003, 01:50 PM
That is the stock size rotor. You may be able to piece the kit together for much less. You can pickup the PBR calipers from that kit from many mustang websites for cheap. www.fiveomotorsport.com has the calipers with brackets for $128.

Thus far the only larger brake assembly you can get that will fit in the stock wheels is the Mark 8 front brake upgrade. The rotor used on that vehicle are substantially larger and according to some, are much less prone to warpage. The solution though is a single piston caliper. Many find that sufficient.

To go Dual Caliper and bigger you would have to use 13" rotors which would not allow use of stock wheels.

Mike Manzo
04-20-2003, 01:59 PM
I think I may have to endure 1 more winter if I dump my money into mods this summer. I will have the 94 financing paid off very very soon, but I want to get new engine, bla bla bla.

I would like better stopping power while retaining the stock wheels option for winter. I have 2 sets of very good winter tires and 2 sets of stock rims to utilize if need be and to be restricted to 17s would leave only the option of the HUGE 17x9 footprint which is pure suicide in Chicago winters.

I could get the 17x7 Cobra Rs for winter, but that would render my stock wheels on my daily driver useless.

Is KVR 2 Piston and PBR 2 Piston the best I can do with stock rotors? Can I weasle out 4 for compensating stopping power or is that even worth it.

Thanks a lot!! I have one warped brake and am looking to do something soon other than just replace the rotors with cross drilled ones..


04-20-2003, 02:06 PM
More pistons might get you to stop faster but it'll make that rotor junk faster you can say ~~~.

The smaller rotor is just not resistant to warping. If the single piston caliper can do it, gripping it harder and transfering more energy to the rotor will only make it worse.

I'm doing the PBR dual piston caliper upgrade and I know I'm not helping my rotor situation much. But I hope to maybe modify the bracket mounts so that I can relocate the caliper higher to fit the 11.57" rotors from the MARK 8 in there. But that's down the road and not a certainty that it can fit.

Mike Manzo
04-20-2003, 02:13 PM
I noticed a wonderful decline in warpage when I went cross drilled on my stock 93 setup.

I would assume that this would also be the case with a dual setup. I know its still possible and you cant cut cross drilled rotors, but I think I put on mega mileage with the same driving habits without warpage to date (maybe like 60,000 miles)

I'm bugging the hell out of a local shop to see what they can slap on..They do a lot of Mustangs, so at least they should be familiar with the parts I am looking for....

I see I am not the only heethen not at church on Easter...he he he...

- Mike

04-20-2003, 04:18 PM
I'm glad some have had good luck with the mk VIII rotors, but mine are warped for the second time. I abuse them, but I've abused alot of rotors, and I think these should have held up a little better. I did have them resurfaced, which of course causes them to be more prone to warpage, but I didn't trim off much, and the second time around I haven't really abused them, I've been coasting alot more instead of using brakes, and I haven't even done a 55 to zero with constant pressure since resurface. When I have used a constant press to stop, it hasn't been much press. and they still warped...

Not happy.