View Full Version : windows and sunroof dont worrk

04-21-2003, 08:00 PM
Both of my windows and my sunroof arent working on my 91 sc, and i have tried replacing the circut breaker, but that didnt do it the windows still dont work. I can turnt he key on and hold the window button up and the window will go about 2 inches, but that is it, that is how i got the wondows up because they were down when it happened. Is there a fuse i should be looking for or what could be my problem. Thanks guys


91 XR7
04-21-2003, 08:25 PM
Does it work on all 3 windows (pass/driver/sunroof) like that (only moves a 2 inches) or is it only on one??

It may be a bad motor on one of them cuase the CB to trip if like the sunroof operates and the passengers too wiht out a hitch, but the drivers stop after 2 inches, then it's most likely the drivers motor.. (that just an example:) )

Me personally my side windows work, but my sun roof doesn't at all (luckly it's in the closed postion)

04-21-2003, 11:53 PM
well its not just the drivers side its every window that i can do that with, so what else could it be, could it be just one motor gone bad that is causing all three to not work or am i missing something...


04-22-2003, 05:33 AM
A bad window motor on the drivers side would not stop the passenger side from working and visa versa. When you say you turn the key on and hold the switch up, is the car in running condition? When the engine is running the alternator is providing more voltage to the electrical system than the battery would standing alone. When the window motors are actuated with the engine running, they usually work a bit faster. If this is happening without the engine running, is the battery charged up? Do you have a good ground strap to the body? Do all windows operate for the same 2 " regardless of weather you use the switch on the drivers side door or the one on the passenger door? The window motor's do go bad (usually just brushes) but it is unusual for all three motors to go bad in the same manner and at the same time. The window switches can wear out as well and usually if you push inward on the switch's toggle lever while holding it in the direction you want the window to travel (up or down) you will get the window to work for a few extra open/shuts.
Has anyone added or changed the speakers in the doors recently? Check to see if anything may be interfering or blocking the window's travel inside the doors. (Speakers, wires etc.7)
But from what I gather reading your post, I would start by checking the battery condition and ground strap(s) connections. Then the power window circuit breaker.
Also, If you take the inside door panels off, you can always unplug the connector to the window motor and power the motor directly from the battery by using jumpers if you have some understanding of DC electric. Swap positive and negative to reverse direction. By doing this you will at least know if it's the motors or if you need to start tracing the circuit to find your bad connection.
Good luck