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04-24-2003, 12:18 AM
The first yard I went to said they had a MAF for a 93 3.8 non SC motor. Well they brought it to me and it was the 55, same as my 89. I asked them if they had any others. The parts guy claimed 5.0, 3.8, 93, 94 all had the same part. I knew he was wrong, but oh well. They wanted $35 for the wrong part.

Scratch that, head over to the U-pull. Wow, lots of t-birds and Cougars today. 1 - SC that was totally stripped. Only usuable parts were the doors (glass still intact!). I took the Seat Belt track an motors because they were easy to get at:

Ka..Ching - $18 each. Took the left and right.

Found a 92 t-bird with the V-8 and quite a bit stripped off it already. But there was the washer bottle mounted right behind the header panel. I wanted to relocate mine so:

Ka..Ching - $6.00

And the big find! After passing the cars multiple times my eye finally caught it. A 93 XR7 with the V8 and the MAF still attached to the airbox. The sensor was removed, but it was the 70mm hardware I was looking for!

Ka..Ching - $2.00 (because no sensor)

I'm happy with the day. I'm bummed that it's the second time I've found an SC in this yard and it is totally stripped. But happy that I found some stuff I could use.

04-24-2003, 10:57 AM
when you go next, if you see another scrapped SC, jot down the VIN, theres a post here thats registering all the dead birds, so we can track the number of SCs still on the road

04-24-2003, 01:38 PM
Hey.. I think I may know where there is another MAF... out of a cougar XR-7... when I saw the car it was in great shape still.. this was like in Feb, maybe Jan..

I dont' remember then name of the yard.. but was on hwy 7 west. just in Lester Prairie.. was some Birds there to .. still had lots of good interiour stuff..

But no SC to be seen...

Let me know if you ever wanna go junk yard hoppin some weekend.. I would be happy to meet you.. an check it out..