View Full Version : Replacing FPR on an 89

04-26-2003, 03:46 PM
I am getting poor gas mileage(18) and low power. I can't break the tires (Cooper 225) free from a stop anymore. Pulled the cowl and wiper motor to get a better look at the vac lines. Pulled my FPR hose and get an immediate gas smell.

The manual says to pull the intake elbow to remove the FPR. Is this neccesary? Any tips on replacing it.

If I do need to pull the elbow, what else should I replace pro-acitvely?


04-26-2003, 04:36 PM
We pulled the supercharger and then the fuel rails to install mine on the 89. The FPR has three allen head bolts on the bottom of the rail to remove it. (Later models have two on the top.) I'm not sure you can get to those bolts without taking off the fuel rail.

We do have quite a few clever mechanics around here, so you'll probably want to get a few more responses to see if there is an easier way!

04-26-2003, 09:05 PM
I can feel two of the bolts so I may try to get it out without pulling the rails.

If my tranny wasn't giving me troubles I would rip it all apart and send in the SC for porting but I need to save my pennies for a Lentech now - just wish I had some experience rebuilding an auto.


05-05-2003, 04:02 PM
In getting the FPR out of there without removing the fuel rail?

05-05-2003, 04:25 PM
I got the FPR out without removing the rail - You need to pull the stud on the back of the head to allow the rail to move a little. You also need to remove the bolt on the firewall for the clamp holding the heater hose in place to get enough room to turn the allen wrench. It is not easy but it does come out, there seems to be some thread lock residue on the three bolts hold the FPR.

When I got the FPR out, The o-ring was chewed up pretty bad and looked like it was definately bypassing. I drew a vacuum on it and the FPR does not seem to leak through the manifold port. I am going to replace it anyway - I don't want to go back in.

The intake elbow was extremely tight - I thought my 1/4" ratchet was going to break trying to get that thing off. I had to move up to a 3/8" to get one of the bolts off.

It looks like the manifold gasket could be reused (I wouldn't do it though) because no gasket sealer was used. The gasket had a thin coating of what looked and smelled to be a gas and oil mix, so I think I found a leak point there. I would say someone just torqued down the bolts to fix a leak sometime in the past.

I still don't know why I got the gas smell from the hose. I just hope that I don't have part of the o-ring stuck in an injector.