View Full Version : I found out why my 89 SC was making so much boost!

04-27-2003, 08:16 PM
I started today by just wanting to replace the EGR valve. I bought a used supercharger (paid a whopping $125.00) off of a 90 SC Saturday to replace my 230k mile unit. Well, my plan was this weekend, replace my supercharger with the 121K mile 1990 unit after I replaced the front seal in the 1990 with a new Chicago Rawhide 1768.

Well, the EGR is such a pain in the A$$ to get to I decided to just pull the supercharger off and make things a whole lot easier (BTW, it is almost scary how easy it is to remove the SC, I thought it would be much more difficult). So I get the SC off and notice a difference right away with the SC that was on my car and the SC that I bought on Saturday. The difference I am talking about is the SC pulley!! Yes, indeed, mine has an 10% overdrive pulley, on a stock engine with 230K miles and a bad EGR valve, does this sound like a head gasket failure waiting to happen? I think so!! (For everyone's info, I did NOT install this pulley)

So, I am going to just change the snout seal and install the replacement SC from the 1990 with the original pulley (factory).

Hopefully my days of detonation under full throttle will be over!!

BTW, when I pulled the EGR valve out, it had engine oil in it!! What could this be a sign of? I am going to make sure that all tubes are clear of carbon buildup, and get a new valve and hope to God that this mess is done with!!


Phil Stocker

04-27-2003, 10:59 PM
I need an extra supercharger for a referance for a inverted setup I am doing.

If you are interested in getting rid of that old one give me a price with possible shipping and I will get back to ya on that.

Email me at

[email protected]