View Full Version : Recommendations to lower my SC??

04-29-2003, 12:14 PM
I have a stock 95 SC except for new 245X45X17 wheel/tires. I'd like to lower the car 1"-2" and would like some advice regarding what works and looks best and (naturally) is most cost effective.

I'd appreciate anyone's testimonials or advice regarding lowering difficulities/technical and perhaps a parts source. I have access to a lift. Thanks...

Thomas A
04-30-2003, 01:21 AM
I would reccomend a lowering kit from Eibach or H&R. They are both very popular and high quality. They will drop your car abou 1.5" which should look great with the 17" rims. You can get them ordered from most any suspension shop, or get them from www.tirerack.com I have Eibach's myself and have been very happy with them. Here is how my car looks with 17" rims and 1.5" drop. Good luck!



04-30-2003, 09:17 AM
Thomas, your car looks great!! Congradulations....

I appreciate your response and recommendations. Did you install the kit yourself and if so, any pointers....and about how long does the job take?

Thanks again, Earnie

04-30-2003, 10:53 AM
Intrax 2" lowering w/ a front valance kit - Mmmmm-mmm! :p

04-30-2003, 10:52 PM
...before having to replace shocks/struts??

Thomas A
05-01-2003, 01:49 AM
2" is about all the lower you can go without having to start to change a lot of things.


FearThis SC
05-01-2003, 04:07 PM
Any place that I can go local to find the shorter rear sway bar endlinks for use with Eibach springs? Like Napa, etc. etc.


05-01-2003, 05:32 PM
I think Addco has rear endlinks, for use with any lowering application.