View Full Version : Die Grinder

05-03-2003, 08:02 AM
Do any of you louts have a die grinder you might be willing to lend me? (I'm willing to take expertise as well ;-) I've got a set of manifolds I picked up sitting in a box and I was thinking of trying to port them myself... one less thing to worry about (and to possibly avoid spending money on) when I get the rebuild done.

I'm strongly leaning towards having Loper's Performance do the car. Anyone have any experience with them? I expect the rebuild, balancing, and blueprinting, with custom rods and pistons to come in at around $6000 + rebuilt and port of blower + plenum + 85mm TB. I need to get the car towed over to their shop though before I can get some more definate answers.

The only other part I'm thinking about picking up prior to giving them the car is the front mounted AC condensor... but I'm a bit concerned about going with that due to all of the supposedly forthcoming FMIC....

Oh... other problem is I figure that even though I've only got 84k miles on the thing, because there is sometimes a bit of a grind into second that I'll end up losing the tranny not so long after the engine rebuild :-(