View Full Version : whats up with this exhaust

05-07-2003, 04:16 AM
had this Flowmaster duel exhaust installed and it sounds like a @$%&* dirtbike :mad: Should I have left the resonator on:confused: they took the resonator and the muffs off...cats are still there and still intact...but except for the wirr of the SC this thing buzzes like a mad bumble bee:mad: I know it's a V-6 but isn't there some way to make it at leat a little throaty.....

Rick in FL :cool:

05-07-2003, 05:07 AM
Hey man..You got a few options...I think I would get some downtubes first of all...If ya gotta hve cats, that is fine, but ya gotta fix the 90 degree bend in your exh at the left side cat.

Far as your buzz goes...I think you could get a better sound if you placed a free flowing glass pack where the resonator was, or shell out the bux for a magnaflow resonator...The Magnaflows are a strait through design and are reversable, so they work well but run about 90bux at Jegs.com...THat is where I got my Magnaflow muffs and Resonator...I run the 40series Flowmaster and don't have the buzz you are talking about...Mine is pretty loud, but it is a nice loud...

Good Luck man...