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05-10-2003, 10:57 AM
Being that all SC stock downtubes are 1-7/8" I.D. (yes, even 94/95) it sure seems odd that Ford saw fit to neck down the piping inside of the resonator even more. Geez...what were they thinking?


05-10-2003, 10:59 AM
"We don't want this thing faster than the Mustang GT."

05-10-2003, 11:51 AM
I cut mine all up also and couldn't beleave the 2 inch outlet in the resinator. Sure it would help with low end torque and blow headgaskets. I am very sure they knew what they were doing when they designed it.

05-10-2003, 11:56 AM

FearThis SC
05-10-2003, 02:21 PM
Originally posted by rivlee
"We don't want this thing faster than the Mustang GT."
Well Said!


05-10-2003, 07:01 PM
Hey TB88...If you get anymore frustrated you are going to cut your car in half......Those are the pictures I want to see!
THanks for the photos...They do help


05-10-2003, 10:14 PM
Hey Tbird88 Do we change your handle to "Hacksaw"

Good Info on the exhaust.

I look forward to adding your intercooler gaskets to my list of mods.

05-11-2003, 04:05 AM
Wynn, you must have stock in a company that makes Sawzall blades......Thanks for posting pics as they are very interesting
( manifold and head pics too )


05-11-2003, 04:52 AM
Originally posted by rivlee
"We don't want this thing faster than the Mustang GT."

thats exactly what Ford was thinking. i heard somewhere when Ford first made the 3.8SC engine, it was originally one of the most powerful engines they made for a street car. it was then detuned for production. When the 94 Mustang Cobra got a light 15HP increase from 1993, the SC had room for a 20HP increase... Ford knows these "mistakes" and most likely made terrible exhaust systems for these engines so that the SC wouldnt take over as its main sports car.
i'd imagine if SCs were still made today, since the SVT Cobra Mustang currently produces 390HP, a Supercharged 3.8L V6 that produced 300+HP (imagine the torque) out of the factory wouldnt be surprising. wonder if Ford will ever throw another SC in the current Tbird? hehe

05-11-2003, 05:50 AM
I dont think theres any big bottleneck in these cars. Nothing was obviously designed to slow it down by quite alot. 220hp and 325ft/lbs of torque or whatever isnt bad for a 3.8. They could of redone the intake, blower and exhaust but it might of increased noise,cost etc. This car wasnt meant to be used for road racing or a quarter mile vehicle. Some things Ford doesnt finish up due to cost involved in manual labor ( like head work etc). The SC was probably faster than the Mustang in 94/95, haha. Really doesnt matter anyways, the Mustang is geared at a different audience.
Its usually GM and their precious :rolleyes:Corvette that doesnt like competition from other model lines.
Prototype engines in general are usually the strongest(not always), then redesigned for reliability etc. Like how the Lightning was detuned due to Fords worry about premature transmission failure(if its really true).

A huge gain would be the M112? blower if it came stock:D ,or a single turbo instead, but Ford said turbos cool the exhaust gases down too much or something?

05-11-2003, 10:47 AM
With Fords new engine building technology we will be seeing a lot more show cars hitting the production floor. Would you believe that the Engine in the Gt 40 was the first one built. They have a new computer program that tests every aspect of the engine, sound, fit, stress points, hot spots, oil flow, fuel atomization, exhaust flow, they can even adjust parts that interfere with that v-8 sound. Before the process used to involve building a running engine and then try it out, test it until it failed and then build another one, the new program lets it test to destuction and then allows for adjustments to be made.


The video of the engine here is not some fancy hollywood commercial but rather teh actual video image of PowerKIT (Powetrain Knowledge-based Integrated Toolset). This new process even allows them to test fit and find out if any serviceable parts are not in a good spot, if they are not accessible they can change the design right there and not have to reproduce another car. And the program can even help them design the suspension to hold up to the cars train ride across the country to different dealers who will be selling them.

The you have AVL's Excite software wich has a file for every every engine part. It then runs it at all speeds and load conditions to hear the noise signature of every component.

The GT program was so rushed that Ford only had enough time to make one car. They had no time for all the pre-production prototype. Everything had to be right the first time.

GM uses a little more advanced program that allowed them to produce the 1000HP 1000 ft-lbs Cadilac V-16 in one shot. Using simalar tooling Ford got 500HP and 500 ft-lbs out of exactly half the cylinders. :) With the new technology car companies will be able to actualy create a lot of limited production cars with low costs. Maybe the new SC will follow suit.

07-02-2004, 01:07 PM
"We don't want this thing faster than the Mustang GT."

Good point, but my 1994 SC is already faster than most fox bodies and it doesn't have any mods except exhaust and airfilter.