View Full Version : engine runs better when comp is reset

05-15-2003, 04:51 PM
well my car still is hesitating on start up. so bad that it knocks and misfires. if you dont remember my past thread the motor is new, all sensors are new except for the air charge sensor, dis, and engine collant temp sensor(the one that tells the fan to turn on). i recently changed the cam sensor and noticed that in the u shaped metal thing below the sensor it was covered in thick dust. i removed all the crap and figured it was what was my problem, but nope. it is still knocking and backfiring. it only does it once and a while and clears up the more you drive. my question is that i noticed if i reset the computer it clears it up until like the next day.?????? whats up with that. is that just telling me it is a sensor that is messed up and it is only running good when the computer is relearing and not using all the sensors??? im running out of ideas. i noticed that the ect sensor is alittle crapped up looking, could this cause my prob or does this just control the fan, which i have bybasse with a switch anyway. i know something is really wrong because i have the following mods and only could run a 14.7 at 88mph???!!!! somethign is killing my performance. brian

3inch intake, 70mm tb, 76mm maf, ported inlet plenium, cone filter
10% overdrive
no cats, ported headers, terminator res, no muffs
ported and polished heads, 3 angle valve job, new pistons, crane cam #206, under drive pulleys, comp valve springs, pushrods, all new sensors, magnacor wires
255lph fuel pump, 38lb injectors
1800 lentech non locker conv., transgo shift kit 275/40/18 in back.

05-15-2003, 05:12 PM
Has the computer thrown any codes? That would be a good place to start....