View Full Version : interesting tranny problem

05-26-2003, 10:33 PM
I had an AOD rebuilt in one of my SC's . I took it out, then took it in to the shop for the rebuild, then reinstalled it. After I filled it with fluid to just into the hashmarks, I took it for a test drive. Worked great. The original reason I had it rebuilt was because the overdrive was out. Anyway, the shop I reinstalled the tranny in was about 30 miles from home. As I was leaving town, I noticed that it seemed to rev a little high before it shifted, but it would eventually shift through all the gears. After leaving some stoplights, it would shift through the gears like normal, sometimes it would rev high and I would mess with the shifter moving it slightly up or down, then it would shift. I thought the reason it wasnt shifting exactly right was because the linkage was slightly out of adjustment. I drove it home on the highway at 65, running great, no slips. I got home and parked it in a back shed. That was 3 weeks or so ago. I took it out today to go for a short spin. I went out with the shifter in OD and it wouldnt shift down from first gear. I had it wound up to over 4k , and it still wouldnt shift. Went back and checked the fluid, it looked like it was a little below the hashmark, so I added a half a quart. Took it back out and it was still the same. It goes from park to reverse like normal, and park or reverse to drive like normal. No slipping or hesitation, it just wont shift down. I adjusted the shifter linkage and I think its right, still the problem persists. I checked all the linkages from the tranny to the throttle body, everything is still connected. Im stumped. Any ideas??:confused: :mad: :confused: