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06-15-2003, 09:06 AM
Being new to this forum, and to the SC's, what are the common firsttimers low end mods. that are done to increase performance. Advance timing, underdrives, Air induction,better flowing exhaust.......etc................Am I on the right track.......
This will be my first vehicle with an SC, but I plan to SC my '93 Lightning in the future............Thanks,.........Spike...

SC Ward
06-15-2003, 02:03 PM
We should have a "formula" up on FAQ for this common question,
i think Micah wrote one, but i don't see it on FAQs or new owner forum. Here's a good link, though.
[IMHO, these projected HP gains are a bit optimistic.]

Anyway, you're on the right track;
do an exhaust first. Supercoupe Performance is best, but a bit spendy, i had a local shop fab a very similar system and saved a few Benjamins.

160* or 180* thermostat gives more timing advance,
use a Cool Fan switch with it.

Intake is next, search SCP intake, ZR intake, and ebay.
Maf and throttle body are common mods, C&L maf & BBK tb are most common, although there are better alternatives, for more $$.

Underdrive accessory pullies and overdrive blower pulley;
SCP, ESM, MN12 perf, March are some suppliers.

Raised blower outlet, intercooler fan are worthwhile,
then fuel pump is prerequisite, before big bucks stuff:
ported blower and bigger injectors, then a Dr.Fred cam & heads pkg will have you showing your taillights to LS1s.
FMIC is a great mod, too, in the bigbucks category.

If i'm leaving something out, i'm sure someone will jump in to remind me.

Good luck with your new Birdie.